Welcome to the WWE Main Event review! All Uso, all the time!

WWE Main Event 8/21/13

We open with The Shield coming through the crowd. I still love the song and the entrance after all these months. The Usos are again on Main Event? Are they legally required to be on Wednesday’s show? They are working with Kofi Kingston so this seems very similar to the six-man tag match from a few weeks ago.

The Shield defeated Kofi Kingston & The Usos (**3/4)

We start with Ambrose versus Kofi Kingston. The Usos and Kingston seem to prefer a faster pace making Rollins the man in peril early on.  Rollins and Ambrose prefer to slow down the pace against Jey Uso. They don’t want to tag in Reigns? Jey gets a tag allowing the Usos and Kingston to get control knocking Ambrose and Reigns out of the ring. Rollins, who enjoys a good beating, is thrown out onto his teammates. With the Shield out of the ring, the three faces fly out of the ring. Kingston overshoots his man by a bit but it makes a nice visual as we go to break.

We come back to Kofi in control against Ambrose. Ambrose is able to get to Reigns,  turning the tide back to the Shield. Now it is Jimmy Uso turn to be beat up by the Shield. Josh Matthews refers to Reigns as a “pace changer”. That seems fair.

Rollins is taken out by Jey Uso allowing Kofi to get in with some high flying moves on all three members of the Shield. Kofi hits the Boom Drop on Ambrose followed shortly by an SOS that leads to a near fall just broken up by Reigns at the last second. Reigns, Rollins and The Usos are all on the outside as Kofi and Dean are the only active wrestlers left for another near fall. Rollins knocks down Kofi in the corner allowing Ambrose to hit the front end DDT for the victory. It started a little slow but ended nicely.

We get a shot of AJ Lee and Layla backstage coming to the ring. I do love to see AJ!

AJ Lee defeated Naomi (*1/2)

My favorite diva comes skipping to the ring with her new friend Layla. As Naomi comes to the ring, we have a discussion of how AJ might be jealous of the stars of the Total Divas show. I have seen the show and trust me AJ, you shouldn’t be jealous.

A lot of rest holds between the two Divas. Naomi shows some good flexibility and a move off the ropes, which leads into another rest hold. AJ is knocked down by the series of kicks some of which actually look like they hit her. Naomi knocks AJ down with the “Rear View” and then Layla distracts Naomi at ringside. Even though Cameron takes out Layla, Naomi is distracted too long and it allows AJ to put on the Black Widow submission. When will good guys learn to not take their eye off the ring? A very short match, I think Naomi needs more matches and time to showcase her talent.

We get a quick promo announcing Bray Wyatt’s “Main Event” wrestling debut. Who will get the honor of jobbing to Wyatt?

The Great Khali defeated Jack Swagger (*)

We get back to the action with the Real Americans waiting in the ring. The Great Khali and Hornswoggle are still around? I just feel sorry for Khali at this point.

Colter takes this opportunity to insult India and gives a quick discussion on outsourcing. I am amazed that people still like Khali but the crowd is actually cheering for him. Colter ask Khali when “The War of 1812” was fought. The answer was apparently chopping Cesaro on the head.

The “match” is Swagger versus Khali. It involves a lot of Khali chopping Swagger in the corner. Swagger is able to get Khali to the mat and attempts to put a submission move on. It fails and Swagger keeps running into Khali chops. My suggestion is to stop doing that. Swagger and Cesaro take the opportunity to bully Hornswoggle on the outside. Swagger, quite proud of himself, reenters the ring and runs into Khali’s chop. Khali wins as Swagger and Cesaro likely wonder what they have done with their lives.

We get a lengthy recap of Daniel Bryan versus the Corporation 2013. I can only hope it works as well for Daniel Bryan as it did for Stone Cold. It should be an entertaining end of the year for the WWE.

As the Miz and Matthews discuss the events of Raw, Fandango’s music hit. Fandango dances at the entrance, as the Miz gets angry. Apparently Fandango’s life revolves around irritating the Miz. I can live with that.

Bray Wyatt defeated Justin Gabriel (*)

Justin Gabriel is in the ring under the hope that he might actually win a match on “Main Event”. I am sorry to say I don’t like your chances. We get a quick reminder of past interactions between Wyatt and Gabriel as Wyatt comes to the ring. I really need to get one of those Sheep masks so I can creep out my students.

It is a squash match. Other then a few quick moves, Wyatt basically overpowers and destroys Gabriel. It lasts about two minutes. I think the Wyatt’s entrance was just as long as the match itself. The Wyatt Family stands over Gabriel as the show ends.

My Thoughts-

This was a crowded edition of Main Event. I think four matches were too much. The six-man tag was fine but the other three were too rushed. I say cut out the Khali match and give that time to the other two. I think the three match formula works great for this show.

Thumbs Down.

See you next week! Enjoy the last few weeks of summer.



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