Welcome to the WWE Main Event review! Because ION Television needs programming!

WWE Main Event 8/28/13

We start with a recap of events between Axel, Punk and Heyman on Raw. Some great work by Heyman like always.  After our introduction, we go to Curtis Axel coming to ringside.  We get introduced to Alex Riley announcing with Josh Matthew this week. He did solid work on Smackdown a few weeks back. 

Curtis Axel defeated Cody Rhodes (**3/4)

We have a lot of posturing as the match begins. Rhodes gains the early advantage so Axel goes out of the ring to talk to Paul Heyman. It is classic heel time wasting. It seems to work as when they are outside the ring, Axel throws Rhodes into the ring barrier.

As we return, Axel slams Rhodes to the ground. Heyman feels the need to hold some white title belt over his head. I wonder what title that is? The crowd cheers for “CM Punk”, a man who will never appear on Main Event again.

In the actual match, Axel has the momentum tossing Rhodes around the ring. Axel hits the Axe Handle for a near fall as the crowd cheers for Rhodes. Axel puts a length sleeper hold on Rhodes as Cody tries to get any momentum. Rhodes hits a moonsault to regain some control.  The tables have turned!

Rhodes misses with his Disaster Kick but counters Axel to hit the Alabama Slam.  It leads to a near fall. Rhodes shows some real strength by lifting Axel over his head for another near fall. Axel holds onto the ring apron briefly which forces the refs to make Rhodes temporary back up. This allows Axel to recover and hit a Modified Neckbreaker for the win. Good finish to a nice television match. We get a promo for Night of Champions match as Axel and Heyman celebrate.

We get a promo for Los Matadores. At least it gives Epico and Primo something to do.

The Prime Time Players defeated The Real Americans (**)

The Prime Time Players comes to the ring. We are starting to get crowd shots of people doing the Millions of Dollars Dance. The Real Americans come to the ring because they are always on this show. Zeb Colter had nothing racist to say today. Shocker.

We start with Young and Cesaro. I like that Titus uses his tag partner as a battering ram into Cesaro. Cesaro flips Young over the ring post as he tags in Swagger. Swagger clotheslines Young as his team regains control.  Great leapfrog over his tag partner by Cesaro to stomp Young. It is a lot of quick tags by The Real Americans to force Young into the face in peril routine.

O’Neil is able to get into the match to regain some control. Swagger is able to hit a power slam on O’Neil but Young broke up the near fall. As Cesaro is forced out of the ring, Swagger runs into a Spinebuster by O’Neil. That is it, as Cesaro can’t break up the fall in time.

We get some shots of Las Vegas. I need to get back there. We get a recap on Bryan versus Orton from Raw. How many cars has the WWE vandalized or destroyed over the years?

Kofi Kingston defeated Fandango by DQ (**1/2)

It is always nice to see Summer Rae on this show. One of these days Fandango might learn to dance too. Kofi looks quite disturbed by Fandango’s pre-match rituals. Riley compares Fandango to John Morrison. I don’t even know what to think about that.

As the match begins, we start with a lot of countering between the two superstars. The two take the action outside the ring that leads to a nice jump off the ropes by Kingston. He is unable to keep control because he gets distracted by Summer Rae. Understandable. That distraction leads Kingston to being thrown into the ring post as we go to break.

As we return, Fandango is in control and has grounded Kingston. Fandango spends his time focusing on the shoulder of Kinston. A nice spinning kick by Fandango leads to a near fall. It is back to work on the shoulder and elbow for Fandango.  After Fandango runs into the ropes, this gives Kofi a chance. After a series of moves he is about to hit his finishing move as Summer Rae grabs Kofi’s leg. This leads to a DQ. Fandango and Summer Rae argue a bit as Kofi celebrates in the ring.

My Thoughts-

They smartly went back to the three-match format.  You have a good opener, a standard tag match and a decent finisher that ended too abruptly. I would like to see Fandango and Kofi have a longer match here but the formula was enjoyable for this week.

Thumbs Up.

See you next week! I know I will enjoy my final week off before going back to work.



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