Welcome to the WWE Main Event review! For all those people that just need to see Sin Cara wrestle.

WWE Main Event 8/7/13

We start with The Shield coming through the audience. I like this episode of Main Event already! But then I see The Miz is back. Sigh. With The Usos and Mark Henry we have a rematch of their recent Raw encounter.

The Shield defeated Mark Henry & The Usos (***)

We start with Seth Rollins against one of the Usos. I wish I could tell them apart after all these years.  The Usos seem to be spending the early part of the match beating up Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins. When Mark Henry gets in the match things get worse as Mark Henry throws Ambrose and Rollins out of the ring. The Shield saves Rollins from getting crushed in the corner as we go to break. Time to regroup.

As we return, Rollins is taking a beating from The Usos.  A well-placed Rollins clothesline turned the momentum and allows the Shield to temporary gain the advantage. It is a very back and forth encounter thanks to some good high flying moves from Rollins.  On commentary The Miz tells us, “Summerslam is bigger then the Oscars.” The ratings would say otherwise.

Jey Uso plays the “partner in peril” role as the Shield is trying to keep him away from his tag partners. The Shield sure enjoys beating up Jey Uso. The crowd goes wild as Mark Henry takes out all three members of The Shield on the tag. Jimmy Uso hits a Frog Splash on Dean Ambrose but with the official distracted with Mark Henry and Reigns outside the ring, Rollins kicks Jimmy Uso in the head. This allows Ambrose to get the pin.  The Shield wins! Fun, little tag match.

We have a commercial for WrestleMania XXX travel packages. I am looking forward to John buying the entire TJR staff a trip to New Orleans.

We come back to The Shield giving us a promo telling us how easy the previous match was and giving us a rundown of all the wrestlers they have taken out over the recent months. But they still don’t have a match at Summerslam? Go figure.

Natalya defeated Aksana (*3/4)

We come back to see Natalya in the ring with Aksana? Aksana. When is the last time anyone has seen her in a match? Hopefully the talented Natalya will get some time to shine on Main Event.

We get a quick recap of the terrible Eva Marie with the even worse Bella Twins. But it is nice to see Natalya slap a Bella in the face. Sadly it leads The Miz to reminding us of his reality show past and be a corporate shill for “Total Divas”.

The match consists of a lot of submission moves from Natalya. Aksana spends a lot of escaping out of Sharpshooters. After Natalya crashes and burns running into a corner, Aksana does a lot of submission work on Natalya’s leg.

But our Lithuanian Diva gets cocky and her showing off allows Natalya to lock in a Sharpshooter. A failed attempt to get to the ropes later and Aksana taps out. Good to see Natalya getting a rare win of television. She deserves better always.

We received a recap on the events of Raw for the highly enjoyable Lesnar-Punk feud. I am beyond disappointed that I don’t get to see Brock telling Paul to say something stupid.

Curtis Axel defeated Sin Cara (**1/2)

We return to action with Curtis Axel coming to the ring. Josh mentions Paul Heyman will be on commentary. This night is just getting better!

We get the recent “Main Event” mainstay Sin Cara and his amazing lighting. I think there is a match going on but I am enjoying Paul Heyman, Josh Matthews and The Miz bicker. We focus on the match again to see a good series of highflying moves by Sin Cara ending with him flying through the middle rope onto Axel. They get back into the ring as Axel throws Sin Cara out of the ring. Commercial break!

We come back to more announcer bickering and Axel putting Sin Cara in a submission move. The action in the ring goes back and forth as Heyman brags about Axel. Axel keeps the action grounded as Sin Cara gets in some solid high flying moves going.  A great cross body by Sin Cara leads to a two count as The Miz and Heyman bicker.

Sin Cara goes for a moonsault but runs into Axel’s boots.  This allows Axel to take advantage and hit the Signature Maneuver for the victory. We get some hype for Punk vs. Heyman for next week’s Raw as Axel celebrates in the ring.

My Thoughts-

This was a fun addition of “Main Event”.  You have the good six-man tag match to open the show, a Natalya victory and a decent end to the show. At this point, this is what I want to get out of this show. It is worth watching just to hear Paul Heyman on commentary.

Thumbs Up.

See you next week!



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