Tuesday night is upon us once again. If you have the WWE Network then you know that Main Event is the place to be for us cool kids who like our fair share of midcard action. We've got a pretty solid bout on the show for tonight as Alberto Del Rio will face off against Dean Ambrose. Will that match actually happen? Sheamus no-showed on his match with Rusev last week, so we will see.

If you read regularly then you know that I summarize all the events of the night and add my opinion along the way. I occasionally even delve into play-by-play if I'm really feeling motivated. Tonight, Main Event comes to us out of Corpus Christi, Texas. Byron Saxton and Tom Phillips are our announcers. Let's do this.

A graphic is shown that has Brie Bella and Stephanie McMahon on it. It says the words "Face to Face" along with "Tonight," but they're just going to replay last night's stuff. For a second I thought they were going to face off again. Silly me for not realizing that they were hyping up a replay at the start this show.

Dean Ambrose Calls Out Seth Rollins; Gets Kicked By Del Rio

Dean Ambrose comes out in street clothes. He says he's back and in a foul mood. He said he was on a promotional tour last night, which kept him off of Raw. That was The Authority's way of keeping him away from Seth Rollins., he says. Dean tells Seth to do what's best for business and come out to the middle of the ring to get his teeth knocked down his throat. He bets his bottom dollar that he won't because Seth doesn't have the guts. Before throwing the mic down he accuses Seth Rollins of hanging out in the back with Triple H and eating protein bars.

Dean waits for Rollins, but he doesn't show. Dean tells him he's hiding behind Kane and holding Triple H's hand. Ambrose says he's going to do what he always does, going to throw all the challengers one after another.

At this point Alberto Del Rio comes out with a microphone in hand. Del Rio tells Dean that he looks like he just came out of a dumpster. Del Rio reminds him that he's a former World Champion. He says that fear is being locked in his Cross Armbreaker and wondering if he'll show mercy or not. Del Rio says every show starts with a kick off. He says that Dean's wrapped up shoulder looks like a present and says it'll be his trophy. He kicks Dean in the shoulder and then escapes from the ring. Their match will be later in the night.

The John Cena promo with Paul Heyman is replayed from Raw last night. The Usos are shown walking backstage. They apparently have a match up next.

The Usos vs. Rybaxel

Rybaxel, my current favorite tag team, comes out first. They're sporting those trendy red skull caps. Xavier Woods is joining the announce team while Big E and Kofi Kingston stand nearby. Xavier says this is his time to explain the why he and his buddies are here. The Usos make their way to the ring and I don't seem to mind their entrance this week. They're only slightly off in their chants with each other this time. Maybe I'm coming around to them.

Xavier says that he'll explain his cause when that time comes. He mentions that he is working on his PhD, yet was brought in to the WWE to dance. That offends him.

The crowd seems firmly behind The Usos. The Ax Man shows his intensity at one point and rips off the shirt of one of the Usos. Ryback took a big risk at one point and tried to do an elbow drop off the top rope. He met nothing but mat and Xavier Woods pointed out how that wasn't intelligent. Not a terribly long match, but The Usos got to hit their signature spots near the end. A few Superkicks, a flying Uso to Ryback on the outside, then a shirtless Jey Uso splashing off the top rope to put away Curtis Axel.

Winner by pinfall: The Usos

The Usos stand in the middle of the ring with their championship belts as Xavier, Big E, and Kofi look on from the outside. Expect paths to cross in the near future.

Dean Ambrose and Alberto Del Rio face off later tonight. Brie and Stephanie replay stuff if next, after the break.

Back from the break and the Brie Bella/Stephanie McMahon Raw segment is highlighted. I wonder if WWE thinks people really will miss some of this stuff if they don't show it over and over? It's only Main Event; just give some lesser talent air time and cut the replays a little. Brie Bella is interviewed by Michael Cole this week.

Before we head to the next break, SLATER GATOR makes their way to the ring! Business is about to pick up. Tom Phillips erroneously calls them "Slater and the Gator." I feel like that is wrong and it's simply Slater Gator, but this is a new tag team and maybe they like that name variation. Titus looks like he's annoyed by his incredibly happy mountaineer-friend. These guys are money!

Slater Gator (Heath Slater and Titus O'Neil) vs. Zack Ryder and Tyson Kidd

They showed a pre-taped interview of Slater Gator. Heath, in all of his excitement, accidentally flung his hair into Titus' face. Titus said that they didn't even want to be there and that he'd knock his teeth in. Heath told him to bring that attitude to the ring because he's a brilliant Slater Gator team leader.

Zack Ryder is rocking the Bro-T facial hair and has a decent chemistry with Tyson Kidd. Seems like they could be a good mid-card tag-team. The match was fun and I really, really like Slater Gator. Will it take them to the top of the tag division? Probably not, but it's entertaining to me. I'd rather see young guys experimenting new teams and gimmicks on this show than a bunch of Raw replays. I dig this.

Tyson goes to the top turnbuckle, but hesitates due to some Titus/Ryder fighting on the outside. This allows for Heath Slater to run up to him and do a powerslam off the top rope. Impressive, and it's enough to secure a pinfall.

Winners by pinfall: Slater Gator

Slater Gator celebrates their first win in the ring as they push each other out of the way. They both want to soak in the limelight. Kudos, fellas. You made me smile.

The Roman Reigns/Kane match that never was earned a replay at this point. Randy Orton stopped that match from ever starting on Raw. Randy Orton will deliver a "Viper's Message" on this Friday night's Smackdown.

Dean Ambrose makes his way to ring at this point. His match with Alberto Del Rio is next, after the break.

Dean Ambrose vs. Alberto Del Rio

Back from the break and Alberto Del Rio makes his way to the ring. I'll just skim over the highlights of this match...Ambrose controls the match early on until he runs his injured shoulder into the corner ring post. Del Rio charges at Ambrose at one point and misses whatever he was going for and stumbles out of the ring, through the ropes. Ambrose suicide dives to the outside and connects with Del Rio, sending him over the protective barrier and onto the first row of seats. I heard a fan scream something like "Where's your ticket?" Funny stuff.

Dean connects with a tornado DDT later in the match. When he stands up after that move you can see that he's bleeding slightly from his mouth. While Ambrose is on his knees, Del Rio does that kick that he always does and it looks absolutely nasty against Dean's head. Pin attempt and only a two count.

Ambrose went for the Cross Armbreaker but Dean was able to bounce off the ropes and clothesline him to stop it. Dean does a crazy guy version of Hulking up and looks to move in on Del Rio, but spots Seth Rollins walking down the ramp. Dean immediately goes after Seth and their brawling ends the match.

Winner by DQ: Dean Ambrose

Seth and Dean brawl around the ring, bouncing off the barrier and the announce table. They make their way back into the ring before Ambrose clotheslines Rollins out of the ring to end their fighting. After Dean gets announced as the winner by DQ, he turns to Del Rio and nails him with the Dirty Deeds. While Seth and Dean are staring at each other, Seth can be heard saying, "You're going to get yours, when the time is right and I'm ready." They continue staring down each other as the show closes.

Mitch's Final Thoughts:

The Dean Ambrose and Alberto Del Rio match was the cornerstone of this show and I felt like it delivered. They gave these guys a ton of time and I wished that they had another minute or two until Seth came out. They really could've popped the crowd if they had just a few more nearfalls at the end. My only gripe with the match is that Dean didn't really act like his shoulder was injured through much of it. It was still a great match, though.

Slater Gator won! If I could fantasy book this little comedic side-story, I'd only really let this team go for about two months, then let them split up after some miscommunication that leads to losses. It's a funny story, but it doesn't need to be a several year thing. Let me enjoy the joke and move on before it gets too old.

The Usos seem to be building toward a match against Kofi and Big E. With Xavier Woods, that seems like a good matchup for possibly Summerslam. Meanwhile, I'm the lone guy hoping that Rybaxel doesn't wind up forgotten when the WWE starts handing out Tag Title shots.

Overall, this night of wrestling is above average. Besides Slater Gator winning, that Dean Ambrose/Alberto Del Rio match is worth checking out if you missed tonight's show.

That's all for me this week. Comment below with Slater Gator love and all other comments you might have. Check out my almost-daily ramblings at mitchandal.wordpress.com. Also, I'm found on twitter @MitchNickelson. Follow me and whatnot. I'll join you back here next week.