Welcome to the WWE Main Event review! For all those people that just need WWE wrestling between Mondays and Fridays we have a show for you!

WWE Main Event 7/31/13

We get right into it with R-Truth telling us “What is Up”. Been a long time since I have seen R-Truth in a match, hopefully Main Event will give him some time to work a good one. Wade Barrett, the current King of Jobbers, comes to the ring. JBL is announcing instead of The Miz? This show’s rating has already gone up! Even though some will have to explain to me why you bother to tweet during a taped show?

Wade Barrett defeated R-Truth (**3/4)

What value is all the dance moves to your offense R-Truth? R-Truth sure likes to say “What’s Up” while in his many rest holds. Wade Barrett seems to be on the defensive to R-Truth until Barrett launches him into the steel steps. The “guy on the floor” commercial break is upon us again!

After the commercial break, we come back to see Barrett attacking R-Truth in the ropes. JBL says the most random things on commentary. He gives us discussions of why 2-Pac is still releasing albums and how much better Wade Barrett is then Tiger Woods. Awesome.

The crowd is cheering for R-Truth, because they don’t believe Wade Barrett as a credible victor. Good flying kick for R-Truth to change the momentum of the match but it is quite short-lived. Good sunset flip from R-Truth from the ropes but amazingly Barrett actually kicked out.  Do you believe in Wade? R-Truth was going to dive out of the ropes to get Barrett but ran head first into Barrett’s Bullhammer. Barrett gets the pin.

Wait. Barrett won? I do believe in miracles.

Now we get a brief Raw Recap with CM Punk and Paul Heyman. I like “The Best vs. The Beast” tagline.

The Usos defeated Primetime Players (**)

I have little doubt going into the match who will win. I do like that the Primetime Players shirt is simply a purple brush. We get a mention of the WWE App. Shocker.

Why start with Darren Young? The first part of the match seems to be the Usos beating up Darren Young. The Usos actually switched wrestlers without a tag? What is this “Twin Magic”? After receiving a beating, Young is able to tag in Titus as we go to break.

Back from the break and Titus has changed the momentum in the match. Does this prove Titus is really good or Darren is really bad? Strangely Titus tags in Darren who proceeds to get beat up again. I think we know who the weak link is. But the Primetime Players finally switch up the tags a bit and are able to gain the advantage. Keep Titus in. He is more entertaining and provides a good variety of power moves.

After the Usos temporary eliminate Young, we get a good double kick on Titus. One “Flying Uso” later and the match is over. It was a pretty slow paced tag match between the two teams. They must be tired.

We received a recap on the events of Raw for Bryan-Cena. I am really looking forward to that match. Please keep it Bella free.

Mark Henry defeated Drew McIntyre (*)

Mark Henry is on Main Event? I don’t like his opponent’s chances. Especially once I see that it is Drew McIntyre without his fellow members of 3MB. He is doomed.

McIntyre actually knocked Henry off his feet? Strange things do happen on Wednesday nights. However the rest of the match consists of Henry throwing Drew around like a rag doll. A couple of power slams later and it is all over in this brief squash match.

My Thoughts-

A very slow paced edition of “Main Event”. I am guessing the wrestlers were a little tired after four straight days of television tapings. We had a squash match, a slow-paced tag match and an average match from Barrett and Truth. I guess that means the highlight is Barrett actually winning. Good job Wade!

Thumbs Down.

See you next week!



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