Welcome to the WWE Main Event review!  I only had to take off a whole month to grade research papers instead of watching my favorite Ion show!

WWE Main Event 10/23/13

We start with Goldust coming to the ring. I always enjoyed his theme song. Cody Rhodes comes out to provide backup for his tag team partner. That is likely a good idea as Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns come through the crowd. What no Ambrose?

Seth Rollins defeated Goldust (***)

Josh repeatedly tells us that this is Goldust’s debut on “Main Event”. Duh. Goldust takes early advantage in the match causing Rollins to roll out of the ring and “conference” with Reigns. Goldust crawls around in the ring and watches The Shield. Things don’t get much better for Rollins and he is frustrated as he leaves the ring again.

Goldust sits comfortably in the corner and then tells Rollins to kiss his behind. This seems to properly motivate Rollins as he finally gains some advantage. Rollins keeps Goldust to the corners and does some rest holds that eventually leads to his first near fall.

As Rollins runs as Goldust, Goldust ducks and then throws Rollins over the top rope onto the ring floor.  As Goldust takes advantage, his brother and also Roman Reigns watch. Reigns apparently is more distracting as Goldust starts yelling at him. This leads to Rollins to taking advantage and running Goldust into the barricade.

As we return, Rollins pins Goldust for a near fall. Goldust attempts a near fall but is tossed into the ring post and Rollins is mocking Goldust. He probably should be pinning him as opposed to mocking him. Sure enough, Goldust hits a fast power slam to regain control.

The momentum changes back again with a solid flying kick to the head from Rollins. This leads to another near fall. Rollins is trying to end the match by going to the top rope but misses Goldust. Goldust turns it into a quick Spinebuster for another near fall. Rollins takes a few hits on the ring ropes until Goldust knocks him out of the ring. As he throws Rollins back into the ring, Goldust gets distracted by Reigns again. While Cody Rhodes takes out Reigns, a distracted Goldust enters the ring and is quickly rolled up by Reigns. Game over. It was a solid television match by two solid performers.

The Miz attacks a Cena doll and discusses his victory over Cena at WrestleMania 27. That was three years ago Miz. What have you done for me lately? These shenanigans led to that solid Cena video from Raw. I loved seeing his first match with Kurt Angle from 2002. I am pretty sure Cena is going to win on Sunday.

The Real Americans defeated The Prime Time Players (**)

How often have these two fought over the last few months? It is amazing to see the attention that The Real Americans have gained recently and how The Prime Time Players have vanished. What one fun Cesaro swing will do to increase your popularity!

Swagger and O’Neil start the match off and that doesn’t work out too well for Jack. Young enters the match and gets the first near fall. Swagger is able to get a tag to Cesaro who jumps onto Young to change the momentum. Good teamwork as Cesaro leapfrogs over Swagger onto Young. They are doing a good job keeping Young away from Titus.  

But Young is able to get to Titus and the momentum swings quickly. That is until Cesaro is able to take Titus out at the knees. This leads to the Cesaro Swing on Titus for fifteen times. Swagger is tagged back in for The Patriot Lock and Titus gives up.  Cesaro and Swagger work so well as a team at this moment.

We get a Raw Rebound with discussion of the upcoming Hell in a Cell between Bryan and Orton. The Big Show sure shows up a lot from a fired man.  Also the WWE sure loves contract signings.

The Funkadactyls defeated Aksana & Alicia Fox (*)

I still don’t know if Alicia Fox is a face or a heel. It has been years of confusion now. Anyway the match starts with Naomi versus Alicia Fox, which is likely for the best. Cameron enters the match for some sloppy moves. Naomi enters and shows her partner how to actually hit some moves. I am a little confused that The Miz is comparing Naomi to Kofi Kingston. Anyway an unsuccessful double team by Aksana and Alicia Fox leads to a flying butt by Naomi to Aksana for the win. Is there another name for that move?

Damien Sandow defeated Dolph Ziggler (**)

I remember when both of these guys did meaningful things. It is pretty back and forth as Sandow attacks Ziggler in the ring corner. Sandow is showing a lot of aggression as he focuses his attacks on Ziggler’s shoulder and neck.

Ziggler is able to regain momentum with a well-placed Missile Drop Kick. It is short lived as Sandow throws Ziggler out of the ring slamming him into the ring apron. Sandow throws him into the ring for an Elbow of Disdain for a near fall. After Sandow misses with an exposed knee, Ziggler takes advantage with some punches in the corner. Ziggler hits a Famouser for a near fall.

As Ziggler goes to take advantage, Sandow takes Ziggler out at the knee. This leads to a Full Nelson Slam by Sandow for the pin. It was a very short but fun match between two guys who deserved more time.

My Thoughts-

It was a lot of fun to finally review “Main Event” again. The first match between Goldust and Rollins was solid quality. You had a standard tag match with good work by The Real Americans. While I wish the brief time given to the Diva match was given to Ziggler and Sandow, I certainly enjoyed the show.

Thumbs Up.

See you next week!



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