Welcome to the WWE Main Event review!  Or you do if I am not delayed by grading term papers.

WWE Main Event 9/11/13

We start with Kofi Kingston, a constant mainstay on this show for sure. Oh, The Miz is back. I am so “happy” about this. I do enjoy that Antonio Cesaro wears a “Don’t Tread on Me” flag as a cape.

Kofi Kingston defeated Antonio Cesaro (***1/2)

Cesaro starts the match with a dropkick to take the early advantage. We have a fun early sequence where Cesaro runs the ropes until Kingston kicks him in the face. We go back and forth as Kingston jumps off the ropes onto Cesaro. As they get caught up in the ropes, Cesaro slams Kingston to the mat. But it changes quickly as Kingston, being tossed towards the ropes, turns around in mid-air to knock Cesaro to the outside. Cesaro tries to throw Kingston into the steel steps but Kinston simply jumps over them and quickly turns around to use them for another highflying move.

We get back into the ring as the crowd chants, “Make him swing!” Cesaro uses a suplexes to slow down the pace. Kingston uses a series of kicks but when running at Cesaro, he is tossed over the ring post. Cesaro celebrates as we go to break.

As we return, Cesaro is in control. Kingston gains momentum and hits his Boom Drop. Kingston hits a Crossbody for a near fall. Kingston attempts to use the ropes but is caught by Cesaro who turns it into a mid-air uppercut. It leads to another near fall.  Kingston and Cesaro are trading near falls now. The crowd is certainly into the match.

Kingston misses a Trouble in Paradise. This leads to Cesaro doing another Giant Swing. The crowd loves it as much as I do. It is 36 seconds long according to the Miz. Very impressive. It leads to another near fall.

Kingston attempts a pin fall but that is turned into a bridge by Cesaro. It leads to another near fall followed by a Cesaro clothesline. As we go back and forth, Kingston hits his Trouble in Paradise out of nowhere for the win. What a match.

We get a recap of the CM Punk and Paul Heyman storyline for this Sunday. Axel is certainly the very uncomfortable third wheel in this storyline.

The Prime Time Players defeated 3MB (**)

Tons of Funk, dressed in purple, come and sit at ringside for commentary. I finally get to hear Tensai in commentary. My lifelong dream has come true. In the ring, 3MB is coming to lose a tag match to The Prime Time Players. Brodus tries to sell me on the notion of how dangerous 3MB is. That selling job is quite unsuccessful.

Jinder is quite intimidated by Titus. This leads to Heath Slater come in who really doesn’t know any better. Jinder gets back into the match for no other reason it seems then for Titus to kick him in the corner while blowing a whistle.

As Young comes in, Slater does as well. The slow down the pace a bit until Titus tag in and uses Young as a weapon, throwing him onto Slater. This is enough for 3MB as they regroup on the outside.

As we return, Titus is still bullying Jinder. Young enters to suplex Jinder for the near fall. More time wasting by 3MB leads to a Heath Slater distraction and this give time for Jinder to cheap shot Young.  This seems to have done the trick as Slater and Mahal try to isolate Young. It works quite successfully. Meanwhile, Brodus and The Miz fight on commentary about Clay’s weight.

However, Young is able to get to Titus. Titus launches Mahal over his shoulders. As he attempts the pin, Slater breaks it up. Young comes around the ring to fight Slater but is thrown into the announce table. Titus quickly bumps Slater into Young. Mahal tries to take advantage but only gets a near fall. Titus quickly turns this into a power bomb for the win.

We get a recap of the main event for this Sunday. After all recaps are what is “best for business”.

Big E Langston defeated R-Truth(*1/2)

Good to know Big E is o.k. He seems to have vanished after Summerslam. I was quite worried for his well being.

I guess R-Truth solution to Langston’s power is to yell “What’s Up!” I don’t think it will be very effective. R-Truth’s drop kick and flying onto Langston outside the ropes seems to be more effective.

It is short lived however as Langston gets back to overpowering Truth in the ring. It is little more then a glorified squash match. Anytime Truth gets some offense going,  Langston will quickly get to counter it. After a clothesline by Langston ends Truth’s temporary momentum, Langston hits The Big Ending for the win.


My Thoughts-

This is a show worth watching for one match. You get another great Cesaro-Kingston match.  I would love to see more matches on Main Event between these two. How Cesaro hasn’t moved further up the card with talent I don’t know.  The other matches were average but one strong match makes this edition of “Main Event” worthwhile.

Thumbs Up.

See you next week!



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