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WWE Main Event 9/18/13

We start with Dolph Ziggler with a very rare appearance for him on this show. Alex Riley is joining Josh tonight. I guess The Miz is off teaching his dad how to show human emotions. Axel comes to the ring along with Ryback pushing Paul Heyman in a wheelchair. Heyman looks up at Ryback with such love.

Curtis Axel defeated Dolph Ziggler (**)

We get some traditional showing off to start the match by Ziggler. We get the traditional time wasting by Axel. Axel is in control early in the match, using a lot of kicks and rest holds to keep Ziggler grounded. Dolph, after a few minutes, get bored of being in rest holds, breaks free to hit Axel with a drop kick. It is short lived as Axel throws Ziggler over the ring post onto the ground. Why? Because there is no other way to go to commercial break apparently.

We come back to watch Ziggler fly into a ring post. His luck hasn’t seemed to improved much. Axel has him back grounded like early in the match. I am impressed by the use of  the term Machiavellian by Riley.

As Ziggler runs off the ropes, he gets launched high in the air. This leads to a near fall.  Anytime Ziggler seems to get a little momentum, Axel counters. This time it is with a drop kick.  Axel attempts to hit Ziggler but goes shoulder first into the ring post.  This allows Ziggler to finally gain some control. He drop kicks Axel, hits him ten times in the corner and hits a neck breaker.  It leads to the first Ziggler near fall of the match. After a little back and forth, Dolph hits a very good DDT for another near fall.

Dolph tries to climb the top rope but is distracted by Ryback. As Axel distracts the ref, Ryback hits a clothesline on the outside to Ziggler. Axel uses the distraction to hit his finisher on Ziggler for the win.

We get an exclusive interview with Triple H about the events of WWE Night of Champions. Triple H makes an analogy comparing Daniel Bryan to Pete Rose. Triple H announces Daniel Bryan vs. Randy Orton at WWE Battleground. Triple H discusses is wonderful sense of fairness again. I hope for some sort of gimmick match for the Bryan-Orton match. With conflicts, it might be the last pay-per-view I see for a few months.

Kofi Kingston defeated Fandango (**1/2)

How often have these two fought over the last few months? A lot of back and forth exchanges between the two to begin the match. Kofi seems to have the early advantage. Kofi is thrown by Fandango but lands on his feet and turns it into another impressive high-flying move. Fandango leaves the ring to regroup. As Fandango does it again soon after, Kingston goes outside the ring to bring Fandango back in. It works and Fandango is thrown over the other rope when he returns to the ring. Kingston then flies through the ropes onto Fandango as we break.

As we return, Kofi goes to the ropes and is distracted by Summer Rae. This allows to Fandango to stop the move and throw Kingston to the floor. Fandango has now slowed down the pace inside the ring.  One sudden counter later and Kofi is back in control. He hits a Boom Drop but misses on Trouble in Paradise. Kofi quickly goes into an impressive Springboard for another near fall. Fandango hits his own counter for another near fall. We are quite back and forth now. But a sudden “Trouble in Paradise” out of nowhere and it is over. Kingston never fails to impress.

We get a Raw Rebound with the American Dream. Big Show sure does cry a lot. We get a medical update on Dusty Rhodes. It seems Big Show broke his jaw.

Damien Sandow defeated Justin Gabriel (*1/2)

Damien is in the ring as he awaits frequent Main Event loser, Justin Gabriel. I have actually reviewed these two before on this show. Let us see if the outcome is any different. All signs point to no.

Gabriel hits a drop kick for the early advantage but it is short lived. Sandow throws Gabriel over the top rope and then rams him into the ring apron. An “Elbow of Disdain” leads to a near fall for Sandow. 

Sandow tweaks his knee and this allows Gabriel to gain some advantage.  As Gabriel goes for his 450 Splash, Sandow moves out of the way. As Gabriel tries to recover, Sandow hits his finisher for the win. What, the Money in the Bank winner can actually win a match?

My Thoughts-

This is a show of a lot of retreads. Axel is improving but he needs some help to put on quality matches. The other two matches have been done a lot. It felt like a rerun.

Thumbs Down.

See you next week!



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