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WWE Main Event 9/4/13

We start with Fandango dancing his way to the ring. He has replaced The Usos as the new Main Event mainstay. Josh Matthews and Alex Riley are back on commentary.

Fandango defeated Justin Gabriel (***)

Fandango delays the match to dance a while and more delaying later after Gabriel knocks him down. They play the old reversal game with Gabriel gaining the advantage early. Apparently the commentators are discussing acceptable wedding gifts for the newly “unemployed” Cody Rhodes. I always go with blenders.

After a Gabriel drop kick, Fandango left the ring again. This proved to be a bad idea as Gabriel flew over the top rope onto Fandango. Both superstars are down, so we know what that means!

Gabriel’s attempt to jump off the ropes is quite unsuccessful as Fandango pushes him off the top rope. Fandango slams him onto the ground as Gabriel barely beats the count.  However, Fandango clearly has control as he has Gabriel down on the mat for a series of near falls.  Fandango has slowed down the pace.

With a series of kicks, Gabriel regains some momentum.  Gabriel hits a Springboard Cross body for a near fall. Gabriel misses another move off the ropes but rolls up Fandango for another near fall. Fandango counters for a Spinning Heel Kick for another near fall. After another near fall, Fandango goes to the top rope to hit a leg drop for the win. Good finish as these two work well together.

We get a recap of Daniel Bryan beatings and Big Show crying. Nobody cries better then The Big Show.

R-Truth defeated Damien Sandow (**)

We get a rare R-Truth sighting. I remember when he was a crazy main eventer against John Cena. Good times. Sandow, with his chocolate covered briefcase, enjoys relishing in Rhodes’ firing and explains he is an uncrowned World Heavyweight Champion. If he wants to start being a World Heavyweight Champion, he might occasionally want to win a match.

R-Truth gained an early advantage with a series of rest holds and near falls.  This leads to Sandow hiding outside the ring. As Truth goes to chase him, Sandow jumps into the ring hitting a punch to the back to try to gain an advantage. It is pretty short lived as Truth throws Sandow outside the ring.

Somehow, as we return from break, Sandow has gained control. Sandow looks frustrated as he attacks Truth outside the ring and occasionally near the ropes. Just as R-Truth gets in a series of punches, Sandow throws him outside the ring. Sandow attempts the Elbow of Disdain for a near fall. Sandow tries an off the rope moves unsuccessfully.

We now are having a back and forth sequence with many near falls. Neither wrestler seems to have the advantage. Very suddenly R-Truth face plants Sandow for the pin. Really Sandow can’t even win a match on Main Event?

We get a recap on Cody Rhodes’ firing on Raw. It was a great match. Enjoy your upcoming wedding Cody!

The Wyatt Family defeated The Prime Time Players (*1/2)

I still love the Wyatt’s entrance. Titus knocks the Sheep mask off Rowan’s face. It certainly is rare to see anyone take down Titus. Rowan especially hit a good series of power moves. Young enters the match to turn the momentum against Harper. As Rowan is able to distract Titus on the outside, Harper is able to hit a clothesline on Young for the win.  Surprising to see The Prime Time Players lose so quickly. Bray Wyatt hits his finisher on Darren Young as we end the show.

My Thoughts-

It is some bizarre booking this week. The most time went to the Fandango-Gabriel match with was the match of the night. The other two made less sense to me and where a bit short and/or slow in their pacing. Sandow can’t even win against R-Truth. The Primetime Players, likely number one contenders, get squashed.  Strange.

Thumbs Down.

See you next week!



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