Injuries suck. They really do. Especially when they happen to wrestlers that we really like. They suck when they happen to any wrestler of course, but as I read this one it made me especially sad. Why? Because Bad News Barrett was on an incredible role in WWE of late.

He's done a great job as the Intercontinental Champion, had the match of the night on Raw and I was looking forward to seeing him make a big impact on Sunday. Now he's got an injured shoulder and he might miss Sunday's Money in the Bank PPV too.

Here's a post from with the info. has confirmed that Intercontinental Champion Bad News Barrett suffered a shoulder injury during Tuesday night's SmackDown taping.

WWE physician Dr. Chris Amann spoke to about the titleholder's condition, explaining that the English Superstar " ... sustained an injury to his right shoulder when he was thrown into the barricade by Jack Swagger."

"After Barrett felt an immediate pain and a pop," continued Amann, "we brought him back to the training room and the exam showed a separated shoulder. We’re going to do some additional testing this week and then sit down with him and talk about options for treatment for this injury.”

As of yet, no official determination has not been made yet in terms of Barrett's participation in Sunday's Money in the Bank Contract Ladder Match.

In addition to that report by WWE, Dave Meltzer at noted that Barrett was swearing loudly due to all the pain and the dreaded "X" symbol was signalled, which is the sign for a legitimate injury.

I have a few thoughts that I'll share point form style:

- I really feel sorry for Barrett. I'm reminded of his elbow injury from two years ago. He got hurt right in front of the announce table and he started swearing loudly. The announcers didn't draw attention to it, but you could tell he was in a lot of pain. He missed several months of action. Now it looks like he's going to miss the match and if it's a really serious injury then he might have to drop the IC Title too.

- He was my pick to win the Money in the Bank match. My thinking was that Rollins and Ambrose would do everything they could to prevent the other from winning, so neither would end up the victor. I also felt like Ziggler, RVD, Kingston and Swagger are just there to fill out the card and aren't really threats. Maybe Ziggler is a threat, but with the crappy way WWE books him of late it's hard to know anymore. Ambroe might be my new pick although I'm not sure at this point.

- Just because he's out doesn't mean they have to put somebody else in the contract ladder match. They have six guys in it already. If they do add somebody I think Bo Dallas would be a great choice. Imagine if he won it? That would be a lot of fun.

- People might blame Swagger for the injury. I don't. At least not yet. It's hard to put blame on somebody when we didn't see it. Maybe Barrett didn't take the bump the right way. Maybe he tripped. We don't know all the details yet, so before you bury Swagger just keep it in mind. Injuries are part of the business.

We will to continue to update if there's any news on Barrett's status in the coming days. Look out for the MITB PPV preview on Saturday morning.

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