My name is Thomas John Briggs, and I’ve got some GOOD NEWS FOR YOU.  How’s that for a post-Thursday News Update intro?  I like it.  

Here’s a bite-sized chunk of news for you this Saturday:

Earlier in the week, PWInsider reported that the WWE has sent out letters to former WWE employed wrestlers and referees, offering financial planning assistance, debt relief programs, and scholarships for those seeking a college education. (Wrestling Inc)

We say so many negative things about WWE simply because they’re the biggest game in town.  They’re easy to scrutinize, and the fact that they’ve resisted employee unions, mandatory time off for performers, and other improvements in working conditions means we rip on them A LOT.  But in this case, we have nothing to say but good things about the WWE.

The need for financial planning education and debt relief are major issues worldwide right now, not just in the WWE.  The fact that WWE is now offering that for former employees is almost mind-blowing.  Add to that college tuition assistance - up to $5000 per semester  (enough for most local State schools) - and suddenly the WWE is at the forefront of quality employee treatment.  

Ok, maybe that’s an exaggeration.  WWE isn’t a new age place of employment with thousands of perks like Google.  And motivations for this outreach program are unknown.  Vince and Family could simply be attempting to increase their image in the face of their recent plummeting stock prices.  But regardless of intentions, these measures are GOOD NEWS.  

And that’s something we can all appreciate.


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Written By Thomas and Aaron Briggs