Ladies and Gentleman, it has been a turbulent week. Wrestlemania season is upon us and so very many things are happening all at the same time. Multiple, huge names are rumored to be showing up for the big show in April, joining in on an already crowded WWE roster performing for an audience so divisive it’s practically at war with itself. Meanwhile, TNA is snapping up the independent talent the WWE either doesn’t have room for or doesn’t care to use, Chikara is on the brink of returning from its self-imposed comic book exile, and one of the biggest names in Japanese wrestling is working out at the WWE Performance Center like it’s no big f**king deal. Oh yeah, and one of my favorite wrestlers ever just left the WWE. Probably.

Amongst all this chaos in the wrestling world, and the real-life stresses occurring in my own very small, personal universe, I don’t really feel like discussing why CJ Parker vs the Miz might not have been my cup of tea. There’s enough negativity assaulting you from every technological conduit imaginable already, you don’t need another few paragraphs telling you why the thing you like sucks. Instead, feel free to watch this episode on Hulu, if you haven’t already, and I’ll join you back after the clip to discuss what I liked about tonight’s show.

You all caught up? Great. Here comes the positivity train. Choo, choo.

Tonight was a great night for Big Cazz:

It’s hard to believe that the Big Cazz that held together a good 10 minutes of a wrestling show tonight is the same Colin Cassady that was barely staying in Enzo Amore’s wake a few months ago. The pre-match stuff with the counter-selfieing was great, the match itself turned into one of Cazz’s best matches and the distraction by Aiden English leading into a hilarious riff on the classic “bad guy beats up good guy’s friend and/or sets a trap for good guy backstage” wrestling segment was AH-MAY-ZING. Seriously, holy s**t. It reminded me of the best parts of NXT Redemption. That last bit at the end had to have been at least an entire uninterrupted minute of dialogue between Enzo and Cazz that was not only funny but made sense from a character and plot standpoint. This combination of Enzo, Cazz and Aiden English is freaking awesome.

Bayley is a beast!:

As I’ve said before, NXT doesn’t really feel right without a diva’s match or at least a backstage vignette, so tonight’s match between Bayley and Sasha Banks was like Aloe Vera to my soul. True, it wasn’t that long, but it’s nice to see Bayley kicking as much ass as she is right now. Belly to Bayley’s for everyone! Now that Summer Rae and Sasha Banks have been smashed against the mat, I guess that just leaves Charlotte…

…Charlotte is kind of screwed, isn’t she? She’d better hope she can still manipulate Bayley’s emotions, because I don’t see the least experienced of the BFF’s doing well against wrathful Bayley.

Serious Bo Dallas was strangely appropriate?:

Bo Dallas has been NXT champion a long damn time. Like many long-term champions in wrestling he has evolved as the months have gone by, turning from whatevers-whiter-than-vanilla babyface to delusional, wishy-washy, lucky-to-remain-champion heel. Never has he been angry or determined. Strangely, he came out tonight pissed off, and, even stranger, it kind of worked to build his and Neville’s feud and eventual title match. I guess the fact that this goober of a man has finally become serious about his opponent has instantly framed their conflict as a special one. That just goes to show you the power the creative mind can achieve by making something appear unique and interesting.

So what did you think about tonight’s NXT? Did I not mention something you really enjoyed? How did Alexander Rusev do in the Rumble? Leave a comment, or not. It’s a free country.