Happy Turkey Day Humanoids! NXT decided to do us all a favor and show up a day early this week, so here’s your speedy review. Feel free to use this to burn off those extra stuffing and sweet potato calories. Or, if you’re not from the USA, happy Wednesday and here’s some wrestling.

Sort of a mixed bag, wasn’t it? Cesaro trashed Yoshi Tatsu and sparked a storyline with William Regal, which was cool. Then CJ Parker floundered and Natalya complained, which was very…bleh, but it all wrapped up in that stellar main event. Let’s start at the beginning though, shall we?

Compare and Contrast: William Regal feuds:

If you, Mr. or Mrs. Wrestler, make your name as part of a tag team, you’re eventually damned to have aspects of your future career compared to your partner’s, logic and reasoning be damned. And so here were are with Antonio Cesaro and Kassius Ohno and their feuds with William Regal on NXT. So far they’ve followed a similar trajectory, with both men starting a beef with Regal after he defended another wrestler from their physical aggressiveness. I have the feeling Regal’s eventual match with Cesaro won’t involve as many twisted fingers as his match with Ohno, but hopefully the brutality is still there.

Also, on a semi-related note, how awesome was it when Cesaro caught Yoshi’s spinning heel kick and basically powerbombed the crap out of him? Wicked.

Natalya brings Total Divas to NXT:

Natalya came, she complained, I got annoyed. The end.

…on second thought, at least it was her and not Eva Marie or the crappy Funkadacytl.

Bo Dallas and CJ Parker is the most awkward combination of wrestlers NXT could have put in their ring:

And by that I mean the live crowd had no idea what to do with them. Bo Dallas is the Goober-King heel of NXT and should be properly booed long and hard, but to boo him means to cheer CJ Parker. And since Parker is currently loathed by the Full Sail crowd, instead of reacting one way or the other the audience just kind of sat quietly till the match was over. That’s far from the desired reaction and at this point the blame is all on Parker as a character.

No matter what the guy does in the ring, whether it’s good or bad, he really can’t succeed until he and the creative types at NXT figure out how to either turn “interrupting hippie” into something worth supporting or throwing the whole idea away and starting anew. The reset button worked once for Leo Kruger and could certainly work again for CJ Parker.

I don’t have ADD:

I watched the show last week. I even saw the video package at the beginning of tonight’s show. I know NXT airs on television outside the US, but I still don’t think it was necessary to have two packages and a backstage interview to prepare viewers for the main event. It’s Zayn vs Neville for the #1 Contender spot, I got it.

Having said that,...


Lost in the shuffle of talented Indy wrestlers getting signed to the WWE and Sami Zayn having good matches with almost everybody is the fact that Adrian Neville and Sami Zayn have done some crazy things together in their past lives wrestling around the world. So just like when Cesaro and Zayn spotted a familiar face across the NXT ring and proceeded to tear down the house, Neville and Zayn did the same tonight. Their match was great, a high flying spectacle filled with bits of “fighting” in between the crazy aerial moves to keep the match…well, grounded in WWE’s reality.

I think my favorite spot of the match had to have been Neville’s gorgeous moonsault to the outside. When he pulls off that sort of thing, especially when it’s against somebody like Sami Zayn who knows how to both take the move and sell it, it becomes clear to me just how successful Neville could be as the next Rey Mysterio. Will he be allowed the chance to fill that niche and will he be successful if he does? Only time will tell, but I think that, for Adrian Neville, the sky’s the limit.

I couldn’t help myself.

I was a little surprised that Neville won. For some reason I figured that tonight’s main event was an extra little wrinkle in Zayn’s path to another title shot. Reading the spoilers apparently didn’t change that assumption, which brings into question my reading comprehension. Does this mean that Sami Zayn’s quest for the NXT title is over? Man, it might possibly be. Thoughts on that? Thoughts on anything that happened tonight? Thoughts on Turkey vs Ham? Leave a comment below and a have happy holiday.


P.S. My gift to you this week is a highlight video of Sami and Adrian wrestling in Germany. They’ve come a long way.