Good evening NXT faithful. Happy Valentine’s Day. I couldn’t buy chocolate for everyone, so instead I got you this free wrestling review. And a randomly placed picture of a puffin carrying fish.

I hope you like it.

NXT was supposed to start with a match between Mike Dalton and Axel Keegan but tiny little Paige came out and, in what could be a first for women’s wrestling, took over a men’s segment by chasing Summer Rae out of the ring and refusing to leave until she came back to fight. Dusty tried to order Paige away from ringside but Paige wouldn’t do it. Summer returned to yell at Paige and Dusty found himself in the middle of a scuffle. The refs separated Paige and Summer Rae and the show moved on.

Corey Graves beat Alex Riley via submission. Summer Rae beat Paige by exploiting an injury from their earlier confrontation. Sasha Banks got yet another note and apparently will find out her secret admirer the week after valentines. Go figure. In the main event Adrian Neville and Oliver Gray beat the Wyatt Family to become the first ever NXT Tag Team Champions!

Got all that? Let’s discuss while I eat my second cookie of the day.

Corey Graves, going places?:

My girlfriend, patient soul that she is, usually at least hears NXT playing while I do my weekly review and asked me if I thought Corey Graves was going to go anywhere. It’s an interesting question. While Graves is doing well for himself on NXT as of late and recently worked some Raw house shows he doesn’t exactly look like what the WWE seems to want their wrestlers to look like. Call it the “C M Punk” situation, in a way. However, on NXT Graves’s differences make him unique and are embraced. Hopefully that continues to be the case if he makes it to the main roster. He’s won me over week after week and had a decent match tonight against Alex Riley. I don’t like saying the last part of that sentence but there you go.

Summer Rae…..not bad:

Summer Rae looks like every other blond model they’ve hired over the past six years but her match tonight against Paige was pretty damn good. Believe it or not Rae actually targeted Paige’s injured shoulder extremely well, even yanking Paige’s fingers back in a move I would have expected out of someone like Daniel Bryan or William Regal maybe. Summer won the quick match, setting up a feud with Paige that comes at a good time for the Anti-Diva. She’s beaten enough people randomly to establish herself so it was about time they set up a more long term storyline. Kudos all around NXT, kudos.

Your new tag champs are Brits and good ones at that:

Any trepidation I had about Neville and Gray from last week’s show was wiped away after the championship match against the Wyatt Family this week. I think I liked Rollin’s championship win over Jinder Mahal a little more than tonight’s main event but Neville and Gray’s victory was still pretty sweet. The match itself was refreshingly more back and forth than most WWE matches and felt like an important fight. Gray was on fire, playing the role of the plucky good guy in peril very well. Harper and Rowan came off as slovenly beasts, finally beating down Gray after Bray Wyatt was ejected from ringside. Once Neville came in the speed picked up again, but instead of heading right towards the finish we got a couple pretty sweet moves in a DDT from Neville to Harper and a nasty big boot to a flying Neville from Harper as revenge. Ouch. Harper nailed his own partner with the discus clothesline before succumbing to an enzu giri, twisting SSP combination from Neville for, yes Tony, the win.

Overall a nice episode of NXT this week. No squashes, good wrestling, nice storyline progression and Alex Riley tapping out. Watch it, son! Next week we get an interview with Tyson Kidd, a match between Big E Langston and Conor O’ Brian, and something else they advertised but I don’t remember. Seeya next week!