Greetings NXT faithful! It’s been a Bo Dallas-filled few weeks here at TJR wrestling hasn’t it? Dude gets in the rumble, actually does something in it, bing badda boom, now he’s on Raw and Smackdown. Sure enough he’s a big part of NXT this week as well, so let’s get to it.

In a semi-final match of the tag team tournament, Adrian Neville and Oliver Gray beat Kassius Ohno and Leo Kruger. Summer Rae then explained to the new interviewer lady why she attacked Paige last week. Conor O’ Brian destroyed Mike Dalton and mocked Big E Langston’s five-count in the process. Langston then came out and hit his finisher on Dalton because….testosterone. Paige threatened Dusty Rhodes about Summer Rae and Sasha Banks got another note from a secret admirer. I’m telling you, it’s gotta be Hornswoggle.

In an interesting decision, NXT aired a video package detailing the events of the Royal Rumble fan-fest tournament that sent Bo Dallas into the Rumble and the main shows. Afterwards Dallas and Bray Wyatt exchanged some heated words backstage.

In the main event the Wyatt Family beat Dallas and McGillicutty after a distraction by Bray Wyatt. Afterwards Wyatt tried to get Dallas to shake his hand. Dallas refused and paid the price, getting beaten down by Wyatt in the man’s first physicality since getting injured months ago.

Got all that? It’s a lot of Bo there at the end. Let’s discuss:

I don’t like Bo Dallas…but I do like his potential NXT storyline:

Matty Douglas’s recent column on Bo Dallas was pretty spot on in that Bo as he currently exists is quite mediocre. His hair is cool but his physique is just ok, his wrestling is just ok, and his ability to speak is very not ok. He’s a less interesting Richie Steamboat at the moment, which isn’t high praise. I wonder, in fact, why they even bothered to put him in the Rumble spot and subsequent Barrett feud at all with all the other choices they have in NXT.

Having said that, Bo Dallas against Bray Wyatt and the Family (which still sounds like a 70s musical group when I say it that way) is a storyline I can sink my teeth into. While it hasn’t been mentioned on NXT, longtime viewers of WWE developmental know that Bray Wyatt and Bo Dallas are legit brothers and former tag team partners. Just from their short backstage interaction tonight they’ve shown that they have some definite chemistry together. The straight laced Dallas fighting off the devilish Bray Wyatt is a far better use of Bo than “Look at me, I’m fired up.” So consider me intrigued, NXT. Consider me intrigued.

Um….I kinda got nothin’ else:

Okay, that’s not necessarily true. I appreciate the various storylines of the show progressing, from Kassius and Regal to Summer and Paige but I couldn’t really get into much of anything happening tonight. The opening match could be described as long and overly drawn out, which is a weird thing to say when Kassius Ohno and Adrian Neville were participants. Other than the high-flying ending sequence I don’t think the live audience was that interested either. And that was the pretty much the situation for the rest of the show for me. Stuff happened, it was ok, and I’m don’t have much to say about it. The coverage of the Rumble fan-fest tournament was pretty cool but that tied into the Bo Dallas/Bray Wyatt stuff and I already talked about that.

Next week we get the finals of the tag team tournament, the high flyer and his lucky friend against the big smelly brawlers. Who will win and become the NXT tag champs? Tune in to your illegally uploaded videos next week and find out!