Good evening peoples. We’re like, really really close to Wrestlemania 30, aren’t we? That proximity to the big event was apparent with all the video packages on tonight’s NXT, but I’m getting ahead of myself. Watch this week’s episode if you haven’t already and I’ll join you back on the other side.

So, this week’s review, in one word, is…


There was not much to this week’s show. In between video packages for main roster matches at Wrestlemania we got two competent matches, a story moment for Graves and Sami Zayn, two squash matches and an interview with everyone’ favorite (?) hippie joke. You could basically throw out everything except the women’s match and the stuff involving Sheamus and you’d be fine. I’m not sure if they had to cut something out or what, but the episode just felt short, and with all the fluff even shorter.

I’m won’t harp too much about the stuff I didn’t like (call me when Adam Rose or Mojo Rawley reach their next stage of development), but I will say that just because a hippie character like C. J. Parker is now a heel does not mean he should dress like the Miz or Brad Maddox. Tonight he spoke with interview lady in some preppy men’s business casual outfit. He’s a hippie, he wouldn’t wear that crap.

Thank jeebus for the NXT’s divas.

I am starting to think that the divas are to NXT what the cruiserweight division was to peak 90s WCW, in that they’re an extremely dependable bet when it comes to your entertainment. I can’t remember the last time a divas match happened on NXT that wasn’t at least good, and I can’t think of a single lady currently on the roster that doesn’t pull her weight. A month ago I would have said Charlotte, but I think she’s turned the corner with her heel work lately.

Anyway, Sasha Banks against Bayley pulled me out of the early episode funk and judging by audience reaction it did the same for the live crowd as well. Good wrestling, good character work, an ending that made sense considering all involved, and another happy win for Bayley. As one of the announcers sort of alluded to tonight, while Paige and Emma may get more attention, Bayley as a character could probably work on the main roster now, if there was a spot for her. In the meantime, I’ll enjoy her silly shenanigans here in my neck of the woods.

The part where I defend Sheamus.

Look, I thought Sheamus beating the dog piss out of Aiden English was a pretty solid concept for a match, and something I was looking forward to. This is probably because I’m secretly a Sheamus fan. That’s not…totally a cool thing to say on the internet (is it?), but I’ve learned that a wrestling character can say a lot of stupid things in promos or poop in somebody’s sportscar, and I’ll still like them if they deliver in the ring. And dammit if Sheamus doesn’t usually pull off a quality match with whomever he feels like.

So I dug the pre match back and forth between Sheamus and English that gave Sheamus extra reason to grind the dude into the ground. I don’t think what they actually wrestled lived up to my imaginary actor-murdering spectacle, but it was okay. Sort of dragged in the middle when English was in control, but sometimes that’s how wrestling works.

Sadly, that’s about all I have to say about NXT this week. They’re advertising a few matches for next week’s show, so hopefully you’ll get a little more commentary as well. Or hell, I’ll find some ridiculous pictures and post them, how about that?