Before I get to this week’s NXT I just want to mention the sad piece of news I learned yesterday. As I’m sure most of you know by now from reading our website or others, Kia Stevens, the woman who performs as Kharma or Awesome Kong, lost her child. I have no prayers to offer her but I can give her the support of a wrestling fan in this trying time, whatever that’s worth. <!--more-->NXT Opening:Striker welcomes us to the show and introduces William Regal, who if you didn’t watch last week’s episode is now NXT’s general manager. Regal pops up from the announce table and grabs the mic, promising the live audience that he will deliver the best possible show. I’m not sure where he’s going to get giant robots and Christopher Walken on such short notice but I’m willing to wait and find out. Regal announces a main event “confrontation” for Titus O’ Neil and Percy Watson that nobody in the crowd reacts to before Maxine’s music interrupts his speech and the little vixen heads down to the ring. Maxine tells Regal that she’s looking forward to working “underneath him”, mustering up every ounce of PG-rated flirtative skill possible. Cue the crowd whistles. Regal reveals that he’s looking forward to seeing her in action against Tamina Snuka.Maxine vs Tamina Snuka:There’s no way Maxine is winning this one. And guess what, she doesn’t. After a quick match with a couple awkward moments and another William Regal modified song lyric rant (I’ve heard he’s been quoting Morrisey? Can anyone verify?), Maxine went to the turnbuckle ropes for a splash that missed and left her easy prey for a Samoan Drop from Tamina. Superfly’s daughter then went up top for her own Superfly Splash and that’s all she wrote. Tamina Snuka wins.William Regal pointed out that Tamina has a pretty smile and I agree with him. Perhaps that’s part of the reason Tamina seems to be getting over with the crowd lately.In-ring Shenanigans, by Tyler Reks and Curt Hawkins:For the record, I didn’t mention Reks or Hawkins last week because I didn’t feel like their part of Striker’s long segment was even worth mentioning. Really, they could have been replaced by a generic frowny face. This week they head down to the ring in their ring gear and confront Regal on the mic. Hawkins makes the laughable claim that he should have been the showrunner for NXT and Reks basically calls Regal an old, wash-uped, failure of a wrestler. Regal, who I admit is either a good actor or is genuinely a little peeved off at that statement, tells them that if they want to wrestle on next week’s show, or ever again on NXT really, they need to take the mops Regal has for them and go clean the arena. Hawkins and Reks, knowing that Regal’s not kidding, take their janitorial instruments and go, prompting a small “Do the job!” chant from the crowd.You know, William Regal vs undeserving little shit-head is a pretty successful formula for NXT. Let us see where it takes us…..Johnny Curtis vs Yoshi Tatsu:Here’s a bit of a fresh match-up! Yoshi starts out blazing, knocking Johnny Curtis to the floor and flying over the top with a plancha to lead into the quick commercial break.Back from commercial Yoshi is still in charge with chops and strikes until Johnny yanks his arm down over the top rope and goes to work, tearing apart Yoshi’s arm in a most convincing fashion. At one point Johnny even hit some form of a single-underhook suplex right on the targeted arm. Ouch! Yoshi comes back with more chops and harsh kicks but Johnny dodges the knockout blow and sends Tatsu into the corner. Curtis tries for a suplexplex but gets shoved off. Curtis dodges Yoshi’s super spinning heel kick and is able to hit his falcon arrow finisher for the win. Johnny Curtis wins.Micheal McGillicutty and Tyson Kidd Vignette:McGillicutty is watching a monitor backstage with Matt Striker, where its insinuated that they’ve been watching Micheal’s victory over Tyson Kidd from last week’s show again and again. McGillicutty (man I just want to type Hennig) gloats over the victory right about the time Tyson shows up. Apparently McGillicutty has been dodging Tyson’s request for a rematch over Twitter. Tyson asks again and McGillicutty says no. After an attempt at a cheap shot, McGillicutty eats a knee to the gut. Tyson basically tells him to think about it.Mega-Super-Backstage-Vignette!:Cause we don’t have enough time to advance all our storylines when there’s so many Rock/Cena Raw Recaps to air!!!!Johnny Curtis is lotioning himself backstage, as he is known to do, when Maxine comes up and says “I hate you, I can’t stand you, Bateman’s on the way, play along” and starts making out with his ear. Bateman walks up and rather nonchalantly wonders if “this is an nxt rerun.” He asks where Kaitlyn is and if Maxine has slashed her tires or something. Maxine explains that Kaitlyn had better be back next week because Regal set up a mixed tag match for the team of Kaitlyn and Bateman against Maxine and Curtis. The heels leave and Bateman, again, nonchalantly realizes that they’re broken up. I can’t say I didn’t expect a little more……something out of that moment. Bateman literally bumps into Reks and Hawkins, who are in full janitor uniforms. They trade insults and Bateman tags Hawkins somewhere around the ball region. Bateman leaves and Percy Watson shows up for more banter. Hawkins’s line of “Loved you on Family Matters” to an exciting Percy Watson draws a laugh from the live crowd.Raw Recap: Rock and Cena Again:I find it hilarious that the internet has generally sided with John Cena when it comes to this feud. That is all.Jey Uso vs Darren Young:Jimmy Uso was on commentary for this match and sounded a bit nervous. I hadn’t seen too many singles matches out of Jey, so I wondered how he would fare but he did well, putting in a solid effort with Young. After a few sound minutes of wrestling, Jey missed the butt splash in the corner and got rolled up by Young for the surprise three-count. Darren Young wins.Percy Watson vs Titus O’ Neil:The fact that I enjoyed how Titus O’ Neil beat the dog-shit out of Percy Watson for several minutes didn’t  make up for how little the audience seemed to care about their match. Seriously, check out the part of the match right before Watson hits his athletic flurry to see a quiet wrestling crowd looks and sounds like. As I said, Titus wailed on Watson for a while before Percy did his thing and hit some pretty looking moves. Titus came back and launched Watson up for the Clash only for Percy to dropkick Titus in midair! I don’t think anyone has countered the Clash like that before! Watson then hit his flapjack to put O’ Neil down for three. Percy Watson wins, and surprisingly so.After the match Reks and Hawkins run down to the ring with their broom and mop in hand and beat Watson up without using them at all. They throw Watson out of the ring and tell Regal to consider his mess cleaned up.Wrap-up:

Well that was low-energy, wasn’t it? While I enjoyed William Regal’s added exposure and appreciated this week’s liberal planting of seeds to be harvested on future shows, good lord was this a blah episode of NXT. Even the possibly feud-ending match between Percy Watson and Titus O’ Neil was ho-hum and the reaction it provoked from the crowd fit it well. I have nothing to recommend from NXT this week. Perhaps next week’s show will produce some entertainment worth description. This week’s show gets a 3.5/