Good evening hosers. As usual I’m just hitting you with some thoughts on NXT and not a full run down on why I hate repetitive squash matches. If anything, I’ll just briefly touch upon it.

I guess the first thing to get out of the way concerning NXT this week is the…

Giant Invasion of WWE Raw

So yeah, Monday’s post-Mania Raw sounded like a big ‘ol pile of fun and managed to either debut or run vignettes for three NXT talents. The first (in my head, anyway) was Paige, who looked nervous and did not perform to her usual NXT standard, but won the damn WWE Diva’s Title anyway, potentially ushering in a new age of competent women’s wrestling…hopefully. Either way, she was ready to debut. Also ready was/is Bo Dallas, less because I think the audience will actually accept his advanced heel character and more because there’s nothing left for him to do on NXT.

…and then there’s Adam Rose.

It’s not that the guy who plays Adam Rose hasn’t been in developmental long enough. The dude turns 35 in July and has been around NXT since 2010. This is his third character. But I was shocked, shocked I say, that the WWE officials decided to call him up after what the act has done so far on NXT. They must be privy to matches and promos I’m not, because after a month I can honestly say that I think Adam Rose is the shallowest of all the shallow characters NXT has produced so far. I can’t believe they looked around the developmental landscape and went, “yeah, him”, but then again, he’s debuting into a crowded arena. Perhaps they are looking at the fact that he’s getting up there in age, especially considering he’s already suffered and recovered from a broken neck, seeing this newer character and shoving him out there to see if it works with little risk of misusing a talent with huge potential. I have no idea if this is the case, but it will be interesting to see if Adam Rose becomes a popular character or turns into the next fizzled out Fandango.

…sorry Johnny, but speaking of Adam Rose….

Double the recommended dose of Squash

Tonight’s NXT had Adam Rose easily beating a jobber and Mojo Rawley easily beating a jobber. It must have been a 2 for 1 deal on status quo squashes today. I’m surprised they didn’t throw in Tyler Breeze and Welshie McMuscles as well.

Brodus Clay and Adrian Neville click together quite nicely

Tiny tough guy champion is bouncing off entitled whiny giant exceedingly well. Both men cut promos tonight, leading to an in-ring confrontation that led to Brodus Clay backing the hell off, and damn it, they worked their way to that ending logically. Adrian Neville has had such a huge improvement in his character over the past few weeks; it’s awesome to watch. He even got an “Ooooooh” moment from the crowd when he said he thought Brodus would be taller. Hand me some French fries, because I’m lovin’ it.

Bo Dallas’s swan song?

Dallas threw a little hissy fit when the NXT audience refused to participate in his sit-in, which could be viewed as his last big segment before he leaves for the bright lights of the main roster. I thought that part went pretty well, but it was telling that immediately afterwards he had to fight Justin Gabriel and turned in a boring match. Justin Gabriel, for his part, did pretty much exactly the same stuff he’s done since he got the chance to have longer WWE matches years ago. While what he does looks pretty, it’s still the same damn thing we only sort of cared about. That Bo couldn’t pull off a main event with him means to me says that Dallas still needs to work with particular talents in order to create a good product. This is why I worry about him on the main roster, but at some point baby bird has to fly out of the nest, whether or not he’ll smack into a few branches on the way down.

What’d you think of NXT this week? Did you like the new announcer? Do you want Albert to launch Alex Riley into the sun as much as I do? Is your body prepared for the upcoming Great Khali/CJ Parker squash? Let us know!