Evening, NXT faithful. I just got back from Virginia (which is apparently for lovers and the military), so here’s a quick review of the latest episode of NXT.

The show opened with the announce team combination of Brad Maddox, Kassius Ohno and Tony Dawson. I call immediate shenanigans. The team of Bo Dallas and Adrian Neville defeated the Wyatt Family, Bray Wyatt distraction and all. Conor O’ Brian cut a quick promo from Ascension-ville about his NXT title match. After the long (and skipped) Raw Recap, William Regal came out and “forcibly removed” Kassius Ohno from the announce desk. There were fists involved. The newly two-man announce booth watched as Paige and Sasha Banks beat Summer Rae and Audrey Marie after Summer bailed on the match. In the main event Big E Langston beat Conor O’ Brian to retain his NXT Title.

Got that? Pretty simple, right? It is Mania week after all, but let’s expand on that paragraph ever so slightly.

Someone tell Brad Maddox he’s on tv:

Because the dude is just having way too much fun. I don’t quite know the story on Maddox because his appearances in the WWE so far have been kind of random and I don’t catch every show every week but I liked what he did tonight as the quasi-heel announcer with a heavy helping of goofiness. I laughed out loud when he answered one of Dawson’s dumb rhetorical announcer questions with stats and chuckled several other times at his actions during the episode, like when he yelled at O’Brian to keep punching Big E Langston. I’m not sure if Maddox is trying to deconstruct the modern announcer character or emulate Bobby the Brian Heenan or what, but it’s definitely enjoyable, whatever he’s doing.

Random thoughts about the Wyatt Family and their current feud:

1. It amuses me that while both Eric Rowan and Luke Harper are big dumb swamp people, Harper understands that he is just an eensie bit less dumb than Rowan and uses that barely superior intellect to boss him around. It’s the little things.

2. Tony Dawson said tonight that Oliver Gray is out for six months. I’m fairly certain (thanks spoilers) that didn’t end up being the case. Perhaps the assumption that Gray was seriously injured influenced the ending to tonight’s match.

3. I wasn’t too thrilled that Dallas and Neville beat the Wyatt family tonight even though Bray Wyatt interfered. That kind of insinuates that they could beat overwhelming numbers and didn’t need Gray’s help in the first place. So why should we continue fighting then? The good guys seem pretty capable of winning. I know it’s kind of dumb to nitpick the endings to wrestling matches on the internet but it struck me as odd.

Kassius Ohno fights William Regal next week:

Damn straight. I can’t say I’m as excited as when I thought Regal was going to possibly kind of/maybe maim Jacob Novak for real but I’m definitely looking forward to Ohno/Regal. You should too. It’ll be a nice piece of beef jerky after the triple-decker cake that is Wrestlemania 29.