Good evening, NXT fans. Hot on the heels of the news (or rumor, whatever) that the WWE is trying to put NXT back on tv in the United States (thank the maker!) we’ve got another episode to talk about. I’d say this one is highlighted by Paige beating the blondness right out of Summer Rae but I’m getting a little ahead of myself.

NXT opened this week with a triple threat elimination match between the Colons, the Wyatt Family and the duo of Adrian Neville and Bo Dallas. The Wyatt family won the match by pinning Adrian Neville immediately after he eliminated the Colons. After a recap of their feud, Summer Rae and Paige busted out NXT’s first lady slobberknocker. Paige won the match with the Page-turner, which, if you don’t know, is less about reading and more about slamming attractive women on their necks. In the main event Chris Jericho beat Bray Wyatt and it kind of made me sad.

Got all that? Cool, let’s all look at this picture of the NXT divas hanging out with their role model and meet back at the bold letters.

The triple threat match was….just kinda there:

Maybe the opening triple threat was lost in the doldrums of a long NXT taping, maybe the crowd just lost interest the moment they saw Primo and Epico, but whatever the reason the match just never took off. Also of note was the very vocal contingent of the NXT live audience that was tired of Bo Dallas during this match and happy to let everyone else know about it. “No More Bo” was their chant of choice, something I’m pretty sure we’ve heard before on NXT, though chances are it was the same crowd for the same taping.

My girlfriend asked why fans would chant this phrase at Bo. My simple answer was “Because he’s lame.” I can’t say I’ve heard of anyone out there in wrestling fandom that likes Bo Dallas all that much but please feel free to reveal yourselves in the comment section and explain why you feel his positive qualities outweigh the sheer cheese of his character. I’ll be happy to politely disagree with you.

Ladies be fightin’!:

Hey hey hey! Tonight’s diva’s match was pretty damn good! Summer Rae might have revealed some weaknesses before launching into her nice submission game but overall the match managed to be rough and tumble and sort of a catfight at the same time. Call it the best of both worlds. In the final sequence Paige beat the ever-loving poo out of Summer Rae and Rae took the lumps like a champ, getting launched into the ring apron and then falling prey to the Page-turner. Probably my favorite Diva’s match this season, so satisfying even that it could have been the end of the feud.

Bray Wyatt is mortal:

I felt a lot of conflicting emotions when I watched the main event of tonight’s NXT. There was initially excitement that Bray Wyatt was going against a wrestler of Chris Jericho’s stature, nervousness as Jericho got more and more offense in and finally a bit of disappointment as Bray Wyatt showed that maybe, just maybe, his in-ring skills hadn’t caught up to awesome-ness of his character.

I never caught his singles match against Bo Dallas, so most of Wyatt’s stuff that I have seen have been squashes. In those quick matchs Wyatt looked like a badass. Against a shredded and fast-moving Chris Jericho….I dunno. There were moments were it looked like they had timing issues or that Wyatt just couldn’t move fast enough to make something look good, like the slingshot into Luke Harper in the match’s closing moments. Wyatt came off well in moments but overall I dare say this match exposed one of NXT’s coolest wrestlers as an inferior talent between the ropes. Let’s hope Wyatt was just having an off night.

Next week’s show has a tag title match between the team of Adrian Neville and Bo Dallas against the Wyatt family, helpfully explained by a video package and the words “Dusty Rhodes decrees”. Basically Neville can defend his tag title with Bo Dallas as his partner. Will Dallas cost Adrian the only thing he’s ever loved? Find out next time. Same bat-time, same bat-channel.