Hey NXT bros. And broettes. How’s it going? Tonight’s NXT is a bit of a turning point, with new storylines emerging all around. Let’s get into it, shall we?

Damien Sandow came out to start the hour against newcomer Baron Corbin, who we’ll talk about in a minute. Sandow beat the rookie with a new finisher, sort of a side-effect. Call it a semi-side-effect, if you will. Anyway, Sandow grabbed the mic and challenged Big E. Langston to a title match. Paige beat Bayley but Summer Rae came out afterward with a sneak attack. The announcer who’s voice doesn’t make me age faster interviewed Big E Langston. Sandow butted into the interview and Big E accepted his challenge, with a fair bit of shenanigans. Sakamoto vs Briley Pierce ended when Conor O’ Brian destroyed both of them. Renee interviewed the poor unfortunates in the back after the commercial break and they promised revenge…..I think. Sakamoto either spoke Japanese or I couldn’t understand him at all, so I’m not totally sure.

Kassius Ohno beat Camacho, but he wasn’t quite himself. After the match he grabbed the mic and apologized to William Regal. The Wyatt Family came out during Ohno’s “unscheduled” promo and beat his ass at the top of the ramp.

In the main event the Wyatt Family defeated the make-shift champion team of Adrian Neville and Bo Dallas to become the 2nd NXT Tag Team Champions.

Pretty eventful show I’d say. Let’s talk about stuff.

Who the hell is Baron Corbin?:

The dude who lost to Damian Sandow in tonight’s opener is a former NFL football player. The fact that you’ve never heard of him should tell you how well that went. Now he’s a wrestler with a short Mohawk and some rock star pants. News stories online mention that he participated in several forms of MMA while playing ball and stood at 6’ 6” and weighed 318. He’s clearly trimmed down from that bulk but still stood an inch or two taller than Sandow. Nothing about him in the ring really stood out, but this was his first official match on NXT, so he’s not expected to blow anyone away.

Paige is #1 but Bayley’s ok too:

Speaking of first matches, Bayley had her first NXT match a few weeks back and showed a bit more of her skills tonight, specifically an exploder suplex I don’t think I’ve ever seen a WWE Diva bust out before. Impressive. She still needs some sort of character to work as a wrestler in the WWE but a solid set of offensive throws is something currently missing from the Diva’s division. Bayley could fit in well.

Side-note: Paige and Summer look to continue their feud after a very successful match on last week’s show. My money says they’ll fight for the potential NXT Diva’s title I keep hearing about.

Here’s why I know Big E Langston will be a successful WWE Superstar:

He’s big. But Langston also has a tremendous amount of personality. Seriously, have you seen the man’s twitter? Go look it up, the dude is hilarious. Tonight he got to showcase a spoonful of that personality within the confines of a random WWE backstage interview/reason for a title match to happen. Langston could have just said “Yes” to Damian’s challenge and moved on. Instead he chose to not be Bobby Lashley or Randy Orton by briefly mentioning his yo-yo collection and tricking Sandow into mathematically bringing up the number 5, which seemed to have a frenzying affect on our champion.

I guess this is a long way of saying that Langston has to be successful because he’s so freaking charmingly ridiculous and a massive human being at the same time.

The Passion of the Ohno:

So, Kassius Ohno turned face tonight. I could tell the minute he threw a dropkick in his surprisingly long and kind of dull match with Camacho. The entire bout, really, was an attempt to get the crowd to root for Ohno, though they weren’t entirely sure what to think of the former jerk. To be fair, it’s a pretty abrupt change of heart, especially since Ohno was one of NXT’s best heels. However, his run in with the Wyatt Family really helped cement him as someone to cheer for. Bonus points to whoever worked the camera during that bit. Harper and Rowan passed by Kassius on the ramp, then Ohno turned and suddenly there Wyatt was. It was pretty sweet.

Bottom line: Kassius Ohno should soon be one of the most popular faces in NXT if he plays his cards right.

The Wyatt Family reigns supreme:

It really sucks for Adrian Neville that Oliver Gray got injured, but if the back-up plan is that the Wyatt Family becomes the tag champs then we’ll just carry on and enjoy ourselves. This match was good and the decision to put the straps on the Wyatt Family is a good one as well. The group really needed a definitive victory to keep their aura strong, Adrian Neville now gets to be his awesome flying self in true singles competition and hey, maybe he can feud with a heel Bo Dallas since face Bo Dallas is kind of terrible and loses people their tag championships.

What did you think of NXT this week? How awesome is the Wyatt Family? Have you forgiven Kassius Ohno yet for his transgressions? Let us know.