‘sup guys and gals and intelligent alligators. There’s a lot going on in my real life at the moment, and I lack a computer with a working internet right now, so I’ll be posting these at work. Therefore my posting schedule might get a little wonky, so thanks in advance for your patience. With that out of the way…wrasslin.

NXT was pretty fun this week and introduced some interesting new wrestlers. Since it’s ladies first, we’ll start with the…

Fitness Model Fairy

Alex Bliss was properly debuted this week after a couple cameo appearances here and there and right off the bat I’ll mention that I like her overall presentation. She’s very pretty and very adorable, with a slight pixie aesthetic in costuming and posturing. And yes, she freakin’ blows fairy dust during her entrance. I don’t know if it’s because I recently wrote a fairy into the fantasy books I work on, but Alexa’s character falls on the positive side of that fabled “silliness line” for me.

I also thought it was a good choice to pair her up with Alicia Fox for her first match. Now, I don’t think Alicia has miraculously turned into a great wrestler like some believe, but the image of her very tall, athletic frame against Alexa’s tinyness instantly sold the story of the latter’s undersized character. The match itself was a little rough, but Alexa is very new. She’ll get better, especially considering the support system that surrounds her.

While we’re on the topic of women…

Renee Young, permanent announcer?

I didn’t necessarily believe the announce team tonight when they mentioned that the three of them were going to be the permanent NXT arrangement, but Renee Young should definitely be a consistent member. She was out there for the whole show again tonight and there’s really no reason she should be relegated to a single segment. She’s good, let her do things consistently and she’ll get even better. Future first female full-time Raw commentator, right here.

Tag Team Shenanigans

Are they just throwing teams at the wall and seeing what sticks? What happened to Jordan and Dillinger?

Tonight we got another tag match featuring new tag teams (that may or may not be seen again), this time pairing established Frenchie Lefort with new, bigger Frenchie and El Local (its Richardo Rodriguez) with fellow Luchador Kalisto. I’ve talked about Kalisto (Samuray Del Sol) before and how he’s got next level high-flying ability, but being aware of something isn’t the same as seeing insanity occur in real time.

Kalisto…is…nuts. I had to catch the replay of some of the dude’s moves just to understand how the hell he pulled them off. I mean, his finish was a no-hands hand-spring Enzu Giri off the ropes. He just threw himself, upside-down at the ropes, bounced off, caught himself on the way back and went on his merry way like it was no big deal. I have no idea what Mistico was like in Mexico, but Kalisto, barring injury or some other extenuating circumstance, will probably end up being the next Rey Mysterio they’ve been looking for. He’s that spectacular.

The long road to our all-cruiser main event scene

Tonight’s main event was a battle royal to determine the next #1 contender but man, it went a little long. That bit before Bo Dallas started eliminating the local hosses really lost my attention. Luckily, when Bo started throwing out all those people, including ironic crowd favorite Yoshi Tatsu, it gave the match and crowd some direction and helped boost Tyson Kidd’s standing once he eliminated Dallas. From there three of the smallest dudes in the match finished things out. I wasn’t crazy about the fact that three people managed to get eliminated at the same time for the ending, but since it’s leading to a triple threat between Breeze, Kidd and Sami Zayn I can’t complain too much.

How freakin’ weird is it that numerous musclely giants got eliminated in this match with little fanfare, including Mason Ryan and Mojo Rawley, and the end result is four cruiserweights involved in a main event scene? We truly do live in a golden age where size matters less in the WWE than it ever has.

What did you think of this week’s show? Do you think Kalisto will go far in the WWE? What about Alex Bliss? Let us know!