Greetings NXT fans! Let’s get right down to it this week. What the heck happened on NXT?

Big E Langston started things off by doing his five count deal on Aiden English. Poor Aiden. After an interview with Renee involving bubbles, Emma submitted Aksana in another NXT Divas title tournament match. Leo Kruger defeated Dante Dash. Kruger stuck around for Bo Dallas’s squash match against Mickey Keegan, but instead of beating Dallas down after his victory, he tossed around the wounded Keegan and indicated his desire to fight for the NXT championship.

In the main event, Kassius Ohno and Corey Graves became the #1 Contender’s to the tag titles after beating Scott Dawson and Garrett Dylan. After the match the Wyatt family arrived on the scene and the combined heel forces ran amuck. By the end of the show even Adrian Neville and William Regal were left lying in a heap.

Got all that? Let’s expand.

This episode got better as it went:

Before Leo Kruger started messing with Bo Dallas’s mind (not a hard thing to do, I’m sure) I really thought this episode was going to be a bunch of boring, inconsequential squash matches and a main event. I’m still not entirely thrilled by the four quick ones that began the show, but at least when Kruger and Dallas started interacting all that jobber tossing started going somewhere.

Aksana is still terrible:

I just complained about squash matches but Aksana’s match against Emma really should have been one. Instead Aksana got all the offense before Emma’s eventual one-move comeback, making neither lady look good. I don’t think I’m stating anything revelatory when I say that Aksana really, really can’t do 3 straight mintues of heel control, but it is hilarioius that wrestlers like Aksana and Alicia Fox are being portrayed as wily veterans.

Leo Kruger has turned into a wrestler I like:

Remember when I really, really didn’t like Leo Kruger? With each passing week I find myself enjoying his work more and more and now that he’s been positioned as the next opponent of a champion I really don’t like (Bo freakin’ Dallas), Kruger has come full circle to “Wrestler Lonestar officially appreciates.” Shocking, isn’t it?

I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised. My two biggest complaints against him were that his offense was boring/terrible and that his character was a tired, overused, stock wrestling character. That was back when he was a South African aristocrat. Now he’s an imbalanced great white bush-hunter with interesting yet devastating offense, like the fancy suplex he threw down twice in this very episode. He also now has cool pants.

…..don’t underestimate the power of cool pants.

The Maaaaaain Event!........angle:

D and D ended up meshing pretty well with Ohno and Graves and created a decent main event tag match between them, but the angle that went down afterwards was much more interesting. The combined force of the Wyatt Family and these other hicks is pretty potent and with Ohno, Graves, Neville and William Regal all beaten down to end the episode, it sets up a possible four on four or even five on five match in the future. I’m all about different types of matches being featured on NXT, so those possibilities sound pretty sweet.

So that was NXT this week, a lame show to start, building itself up as the episode progressed. What did you think? Are Scott Dawson and Garrett Dylan making this work? Do you find value in Aksana? Let me know, internet.