Greetings NXT faithful! Last week’s show was super bomb! Will this week’s episode live up to the standards set almost entirely by Antonio Cesaro’s will to succeed? History says no, but let’s find out.

NXT opened with another semi-final match in the Diva’s Title tournament, this one between Emma and Summer Rae. In a surprise of a finish, Emma picked up the win! Summer Rae was a sore sport and attacked Emma after the match, which drew Paige out from the back to scare Summer off. Backstage Dusty Rhodes met with character-driven Bailey and talked about stuff before Ric freaking Flair walked in with his daughter Charlotte. Dusty set up Bailey vs Charlotte for next week’s show and Flair gave Bailey a “woo!”

Leo Kruger beat Sami Zayn via submission. Enzo Amore and his tall buddy Cazz beat Mason Ryan in a handicap match. Dusty Rhodes announced Antonio Cesaro vs Sami Zayn vs Leo Kruger for a #1 Contender’s match on next week’s show.

In the main event Bray Wyatt and his Wyatt family beat the team of William Regal, Adrian Neville and Corey Graves.

How’s that sound? Pretty good? Let’s talk about it.

Emma vs Paige is your inaugural NXT Diva’s title match:

I had been expecting Summer Rae vs Paige to crown a NXT Diva’s champ since before they even announced the title tournament, but that just goes to show you how fast things can move on NXT. I don’t remember if Emma was around yet when Summer and Paige first started their heated feud but if she was she didn’t have nearly the popularity she has now. Now instead of the heel/face match I expected we’ve got what I assume will be a face/face bout with the potential to go elsewhere. Sounds intriguing. I don’t think I want either woman to turn heel yet but since NXT exists to figure out what new WWE wrestlers can do I wouldn’t be surprised if a switch happened.

Also, bonus points for the counter pin that Summer and Emma used to finish the match. It’s the little things.

First Impressions: Bailey the kid:

Yeah, I know. This isn’t the first episode in which Bailey has appeared as her new, infantile character. Wait, infantile is probably a strong word, how about…….young? No, that’s not it. Juvenile! There we go, juvenile. Bailey is now a juvenile lady appearing in a company full of adults that she admires and considers way, way more famous than she is. She’s a pinch of awkward teenager, a dash of what I assume AJ Lee is like on the inside, and just a smidgeon of the mannerisms of Melissa McCarthy and therefore Chris Farley.

Now, is all that better than what she was doing before? Why yes. She is now a character instead of Indy Wrestling Lady #5. She now can cut promos and stick in people’s memory as a unique individual worth remembering. She can have feuds and conflict and all the stuff that makes wrestling awesome.

Oh Kruger, you’re so close to pulling off epic:

First off, Sami Zayn vs Leo Kruger was a good match. Sami busted out his blue thunder bomb, another move I never thought I’d see in a WWE ring, and Kruger hit a spinebuster that may or may not have cracked whatever’s underneath the canvas.

Buuuuuuuuuuuuut, it also reminded me of the Kruger matches against Justin Gabriel in that whatever was actually going on in the ring wasn’t quite as epic as the announcers were making it out to be. Maybe it was the slower pace, maybe it was the lack of transitionary moves or counter sequences but the match, to me (and maybe it was just me), wasn’t quite what they probably wanted it to be and if they had just reacted to it realistically then this entire paragraph probably would not exist.

Also, less “Ole” chants and more “Sami” chants please. It makes me so happy.

Enzo wins, Enzo wins, Enzo wins!:

Holy crap we’ve got a feud people! And a character the audience cares about! Did you hear them randomly yell bits of his gibberish during the match? It was sweet!

……did anyone else bust out laughing at the last line of Enzo’s promo? Cause I laughed so hard.

Bray Wyatt, beast among men:

The six man with the Wyatt Family against their assembled enemies was pretty fun. Highlights included Adrian Neville talking a page out of William Regal’s naughty playbook, Eric Rowan acting like the beast he is and the excellent beat down of Neville leading into the hot tag. Kudos all around to ever-body.

And then there was the ending. William Regal in the ring alone with Bray Wyatt and Wyatt just chokes him, hits his finisher and stands over the man that dislocated Kassius Ohno’s fingers for real like a final boss, gloating over the destruction of your pathetic little avatar, challenging you to try again with a better character.

It was badass. A perfect ending to lead into Neville and Graves challenging for the tag titles in the near future.