So this is my second attempt at writing this because of a virus attack on my usable computer. This is coming to you from a pos backup. I wake up for work in about 7 hours. Yey.

Tyson Kidd vs Camacho:

Tyson Kidd is so good he even makes Camacho look like he knows what he’s doing. This match is a great showcase for Kidd because he gets enough time to entertain us with some great offense (including some flashes of excellent technical wrestling) and makes Camacho look like a million bucks when its time to take a beating. Camacho actually hit a double underhook superplex. Ouch. The finish was a classic and useful ending in which Tyson looked to be in control but got distracted by an interfering Michael McGillicutty, allowing Camacho to hit a DDT and steal the victory. Camacho wins, Tyson Kidd looks great in defeat and the feud with McGillicutty rolls on.

Bray Wyatt Vignette:

Tonight’s vignette is a bit of a combination of the previous vignettes we’ve seen. Wyatt’s possibly imaginary followers are present as well as an eerie looking lady laying on log in the background that I might not have noticed before. Here she’s laughing a lot. Anyway Bray’s match is next.

Bray Wyatt vs Aiden English:

Wyatt cuts a kooky/unsettling promo whilst walking down to the ring and ends it by singing “Tiiiiiiiiiiime is on my side.” Then I believe he shakes the referee’s hand and asks him to take off his Hawaiian shirt and hat. Then the beating began.

Wyatt wrestled like a man who not only didn’t care about the pain being inflicted on his opponent but actually seemed amused by it. Poor English got beaten so badly that Wyatt found the time to roll around the ring like a lunatic while waiting for his opponent to recover. After an nasty splash in the corner Wyatt decided to dance with the battered English before planting his head to the mat with a nasty swinging STO. Bray Wyatt wins and the crowd cheers and chants for him. I’m sure the WWE views Wyatt as a heel but until they put him up against a face the crowd likes better he’s going to be cheered because of how fresh and enjoyably batty he is.

Justin Gabriel and Heath Slater Confrontation:

First of all I love these segments NXT does where they simultaneously announce and build up a match for next week’s show. Give us something to look forward to and we’ll watch your shows WWE! Anyway Gabriel, who’s just back from injury, is interviewed by Matt Striker backstage and talks about what his next steps in the WWE are. Slater wanders in and makes fun of Gabriel, which turns into a nice back and forth between two former partners. Slater’s face while trying to defend his recent difficulties with WWE legends is especially amusing.

Seth Rollins Vignette:

Rollins sits backstage and waxes poetic about how much face his finisher stomps. That’s pretty much it. I wasn’t a big fan of it but it was a quick way to get Rollins on this week’s show. For the record, every episode of NXT so far this season has featured Rollins in one way or another. They’ve definitely got some faith in the guy.

Briley Pierce Interviews Richie Steamboat:

Briley is backstage talking with Steamboat, who says he can’t wait to show people how good he really is. Leo Kruger, the dick from South Africa, says that he’s already proven he’s better than Richie and starts poking his chest. Richie don’t play that shit and shoots a double leg takedown. Cue the scuffle! Cue the referees breaking it up!

By the way, I’m calling it know: Steamboat vs Kruger next week will be bland at best and dreadfully boring at worst.

Racqual Diaz Vignette:

Remember when the dirt sheets mentioned that the WWE was pissed that TNA came up with something as good as the Beautiful People before they could? Well, this is the WWE doing the same thing with Eddie Guerrero’s daughter and a bit of fashion influence from Lady Gaga. Diaz’s promo is full of techno music and editing, close ups of her face and mouth, and a bunch of catty messages from her Twitter account. No, I didn’t check to see if they were actually written there. Her tag lines “Exfoliating Ugliness Tour” and “Ridding the world of Repulsives” definitely smelled like something out of the BP’s playbook. Either way, she debuts next week.

The Usos vs The Prime-Time Players:

God Bless Titus O’ Neil’s heart. He tries so hard. This match was fine. The Prime-time Players hadn’t quite figured out their schtick when this match was taped so some of what they do works and some doesn’t. Darren Young combing his hair with a pick during the first minute of the match is both funny and obnoxious. Titus O’ Neil attempting to keep up with Young’s technical control on one of the Uso brothers doesn’t come off nearly as well. In the end the PTP used a distracted ref to hit their double team assisted elbow drop finisher and pick up the win. Prime-Time Players win/MILLIONS OF DOLLARS MILLIONS OF DOLLARS!!!!


I apologize for the crappy review, I had what I felt was a pretty kickass column and it all came crashing down. Tonight’s episode of NXT was pretty good, featuring a very nice match between Tyson Kidd and Camacho and a great debut for Bray Wyatt. The show also planted enough seeds to make me curious for what will happen next week, especially with this Racqual Diaz character. Overall I’d give the show a 6/10.