Greetings NXT faithful. Before we get to this week’s exciting episode let’s discuss NXT’s current broadcast situation. I assumed that the show would air in the United States thanks to Florida’s regional Brighthouse Network, which aired FCW, but thanks to a recent newspost I know that’s not the case. NXT doesn’t actually air in the USA whatsoever, but continues to be broadcast in international markets. However, the WWE continues to protect its copyright and block videos of the show on youtube without providing a legal means of accessing the program. Supposedly the WWE is still hoping to sell the show to a network or air it on the WWE Network, whenever the hell that happens. They therefore don’t want to undercut the show’s value by airing it for free on the internet.

This is so frustrating. I can’t fault the WWE for trying to make good business decisions but by keeping NXT off the air in the States it takes away the show’s ability to promote its wrestlers. I could have sworn that was the point of wrestling but I’ll step off my soapbox now and talk about this week’s show.

Michael McGillicutty vs Justin Gabriel:

I know solid technical wrestling doesn’t usually come to mind when thinking about Justin Gabriel’s in-ring style but he did a very nice job here of out-wrestling McGillicutty in the beginning of the match. Gabriel was really showing McGillicutty what for heading into the commercial break, though he somehow lost control by the time NXT returned. They didn’t bother showing a replay so I’m going to assume McGillicutty did something devious.

The latter half of the match was a bit more back and forth, but not quite as epic as these two are capable of in the main event slot. Seeing as they’re the opening act of tonight’s show that censorship makes a lot of sense. What they did manage to include was still pretty cool and gave the match just enough flash and just the right amount of flying South Africans to leave me happy, though McGillicutty’s rolling Perfect-Plex damn near stole the show. After said Perfect-Plex, Justin Gabriel missed a springboard moonsault, allowing McGillicutty to hit his cutter for the three-count. Michael McGillicutty wins. He will face Seth Rollins in the next round.

Kassius Ohno vs CJ Parker:

CJ Parker is a lamb being led to the slaughter. In the opening minute he frustrated Kassius a bit, causing Ohno to take a walk outside the ring. Once Ohno tied Parker up in the apron skirt that was all she wrote. Kassius nailed Parker with blow after devastating blow, including a somersault splash and a big boot, ending things with a nasty looking rolling elbow to the back of Parker’s head. Kassius Ohno wins and CJ Parker doesn’t know what state he’s in.

I want to see Kassius Ohno and Sheamus beat the dog shit out of each other. Make it happen WWE!

Briley Pierce interviews Mike Dalton and Jason Jordan:

Oh God, Dalton and Jordan are white meat babyfaces in ways that would make John Cena go “Okay guys, you should probably give up and surrender.” After Briley asks what’s next for them after beating Camacho and Hunico they come up with the lamest, blandest sound bites they can think of. Apparently they’re a team now. Hopefully the next time they get to talk it’s a little less forced.

Ascension Promo:

The Ascension get the video treatment this week, with the promise of them being in action next week. Cameron hints at the fact that they’re immortal but otherwise this is just Ascension being creepy in a new setting, an empty white area probably created using a green screen.

Paige and Tamina Snuka vs Kaitlyn and Caylee Turner:

Caylee Turner is Alicia Fox’s less experienced little sister and wrestles about as poorly as you’d expect. Her partner, Kaitlyn, continued her subtle slide into heelishness while maintaining her goofy character and by default became the workhorse of the duo. Scary thought, isn’t it? This match wasn’t too complicated and thankfully gave Paige a situation in which she could shine and soak up the crowd’s adulation. After an impressive fallaway slam on Turner, Paige rolled her up for his first victory on NXT. Paige wins, building her up for her eventual feud with Raqual Diaz.

Bo Dallas and Derrick Bateman vignette:

Dallas is warming up for his match against Jinder Mahal when Derrick Bateman comes up behind him and playfully congratulates Dallas on qualifying for the NXT Gold Rush tournament, even though he didn’t, despite years of service on the show. After Bateman brings up the loss from when he teamed with Dallas, Bo gets worried and asks if they’re cool. Derrick says they totally are and wishes him luck against Jinder Mahal.

I’m sure this will in no way whatsoever lead to Derrick Bateman turning on Bo Dallas in the future…….nope, not gonna happen……..not Bateman.

Jinder Mahal vs Bo Dallas:

“Hate me! My customs and clothing are different than your own!”

Seriously though, this was okay. I give both Jinder Mahal and Bo Dallas a lot of crap for being pretty “safe” when it comes to their characters and what they do in the ring but this was fine. This might have been the first Bo Dallas match I’ve seen where I went “Huh, he really is spunky isn’t he?” Having said that, I still fell asleep. Mahal won after yanking Dallas neck first into the ropes (ouch) and then slapping on the Camel Clutch. Mahal wins via submission. He moves on to face Richie Steamboat in the semi-finals.


NXT continues to plant seeds for future feuds and cultivate the ones they’ve already sewn. That’s exciting stuff. Thet wrestling itself probably wasn’t quite as good as it was last week but overall it was capable solid stuff. I’d actually recommend all four matches for one reason or another, even the women’s match. Tonight’s episode of NXT earns a 5/10. Next week’s show will feature the next matches in the Gold Rush Tournament, putting us one step closer to seeing the first ever NXT champion. Should be exciting!