Hey there wrestling fans. Today’s review will be a quick one because of real life stuff.

In this week’s opener Sami Zayn beat Curt Hawkins. Bo Dallas spoke to Renee Young and while I won’t talk about it in great detail, Dallas is starting to click. Aiden English beat some jobber. In the main event the team of Adrian Neville, Corey Graves, CJ Parker and Xavier woods beat the Ascension, Tyler Breeze and Leo Kruger.

I’m so glad this taping is finally over:

These past four episodes have not been my best experiences with NXT. I’m pretty sure it’s not because I’m jaded. I think it has more to do with the fact that many of the wrestlers being featured right now aren’t all that over to my audience of one. I guess that’s a fancier way of saying just I don’t like them that much.

That’s not to say I haven’t enjoyed some aspects of this taping. I’ve liked the feud between Enzo Amore and Sylvestor Lefort’s goons, though their last match ended on a sour note, and pretty much anything Sami Zayn or Bo Dallas does right now is great, but if you look at the main event of this week’s episode it’s basically filled with wrestlers I’m ambivalent towards. Speaking of that:

Are there any Curt Hawkins fans out there?

During the years I’ve reviewed NXT, I’ve grown to really despise Curt Hawkins. Here’s why, summed up in one run-on sentence: for being a six foot tall, 220 lb guy with a bare-bones character he simultaneously manages to be incredibly vanilla in the ring and use a non-sensical finisher AND appear to have real confusion/frustration about why he’s not used more on TV. It’s not just that he’s boring, it’s that he wonders why people think he’s boring.

Since he’s come back to NXT after an injury he’s changed his haircut, his costume (to a garbage worker, apparently) and absolutely nothing about the way he wrestles. He might have added Edge’s DDT finisher as a two-counter while I wasn’t looking but Hawkins is pretty much dead weight to me at this point. I would go far to say he’s lucky to be a jobber at this point in time and losing to dudes on NXT is the best use of him.

First Impressions, Aiden English:

Tonight wasn’t the first time we’ve seen Aiden English, but it was the official start to his being a featured character. While it’s been mentioned on commentary that he’s a theatre guy, tonight he got some mic time and the opportunity to show what that means by singing a parody of “Modern Major General” before and after the match. I wasn’t blown away by “I am an Actor-Wrestler” just like I haven’t been blown away by “I am a Model-Wrestler” but I won’t form an opinion on the guy till I see a bit more of him. I do like his look; it reminds me of the old-fashioned fisticuffs man that wants to show up some ruffians.

Good, simple fun:

I admit it, I wanted to dislike the main event but it ended up being some harmless fun and a decent way to end the live taping. Tyler Breeze provided the overarching story for the match by doing his best impression of a chicken, tagging out immediately after taking the meekest of punishment and receiving “That was Awesome” chants by the decidedly hipster crowd every time. This cowardice also led to his demise when his buddies ditched him to get hit with a move by each of the four good guys, in a definite “send ‘em home happy” moment.

Thankfully that’s the end of this taping and from the spoilers it looks like the next four weeks of NXT will probably be more enjoyable. Curiously, that’s not the only thing I’ve got for you to look at this week. I’m not entirely sure what I’ve stumbled upon, but they’re entitled “NXT Presentation Skills” and I found them while looking up this week’s episode on Dailymotion. The videos appear to be practice promos or something like that, performed only for the people that work in the WWE and now totally leaked to the internet. You can check them out at this link, but I’ve also included my favorites below.