Welcome to your weekly dose of Bayley hugs. It was a good week for me seeing Raw live and now I am enjoying NXT’s build to the next special. This show looks stacked. We have the rest of the first round of the Tag Team Tournament, a Number One Contender’s Match for the Women’s Title and a NXT Championship Match. Are we getting NXT Takeover 2 a little early here?

Let us hope it lives up to its potential.

WWE NXT 8/14/14

We open with a video montage of the events leading up to the Neville-Breeze match. I particularly love the dramatic pause on Breeze’s “hurt” finger. Nice video work as always WWE.

The Vaudevillians defeated Bull Dempsey & Mojo Rawley (1st Round of Tag Team Tournament)

It is my least favorite team (Bull/Mojo) versus my favorite on NXT (The Vaudevillians). It gives me a clear rooting interest. I am still eagerly waiting the time I actually get hyped by something Mojo does.

It was a very short match that was simply about building story. Bull Dempsey had control on the match when Mojo tagged himself in. Mojo immediately rammed himself into a ring post and allowed the Vaudevillians to hit double finishers for the win. The Vaudevillians will meet Enzo & Colin in the semifinals. That could be good.

After the match, Bull is none too pleased. The NXT fans were very happy that Bull Dempsey decided to attack his tag team partner after the match. I guess that the two wouldn’t have a long-term friendship now.

The always-adorable Bayley is preparing backstage when Sasha Banks shows up. Sasha does her best to get under Bayley’s skin but Bayley just reminds her that Summer Rae and Charlotte dumped her. Bayley proceeds to be especially cruel when she vows she won’t give Sasha a hug. That is cold Bayley.


Bayley defeated Sasha Banks (Number One Contender’s Match for Women’s Title)

You won’t like Bayley when she is angry. The match is pretty back and forth with a lot of near falls early on. It is full of solid reversals by both wrestlers. Sasha decides to run away a lot from Bayley and goes outside the ring. As Bayley goes to bring her back into the ring, Sasha takes out Bayley’s leg and knocks her to the ground to finally take advantage of the match.

As we return from break, we see Sasha Banks hitting a knee in the ropes onto Bayley. Sasha showed a good vicious streak keeping Bayley on the mat with a series of hair pulling moves and solid looking submission moves.

Bayley gets her second wind and unloads some good offense. Sasha who gives her a strong looking kick when Bayley is knocked her into the corner. Bayley quickly turns this around into a clothesline. Sasha knocks Bayley out of the ring but throws her in for another near fall.

Bayley goes for her finisher but Sasha counters with a backstabber into a Crossface. However, Sasha pulls the Crossface too far and Bayley pins her for the win. It is a quick finish to a very impressive match. That is some solid work by two very talented wrestlers.

Charlotte comes out as Bayley celebrates and offers her a handshake. It was sure one uncomfortable handshake as Bayley points at the title. I look forward to their upcoming match.


Kalisto & Sin Cara defeated Wesley Blake & Buddy Murphy (1st Round of Tag Team Tournament)

You have to enjoy the entrance music for Blake/Murphy. However, that was the highlight for them. This match was little more than a showcase for the Luchadors. What a showcase it was. Kalisto has the ability to be quite special and Sin Cara compliments him well. Yeah, we finally found a good role for the Sin Cara character! The other semifinal will be Zayn/Rose versus Sin Cara/Kalisto. That should be amazing.

The Legionnaires and their over the top French accents complain about their lack of involvement in the Tag Team tournament. It was mainly an excuse to insult and further their feud with Enzo and Colin.


Adrian Neville defeated by Tyler Breeze DQ for the NXT Championship

I have been waiting for this match for quite a while. Neville gets the better of Breeze early on with a series of kicks. Neville, pulls a Bayley, and has his legs taken out by Breeze when Tyler is outside the ropes. Tyson Kidd comes out to the announce table as we head to break. I predict shenanigans.

Breeze is in control of the match as we return from the break. Kidd silently watches at the announce table. After a few minutes of rest holds, Breeze throws Neville out of the ring. He quickly proceeds to whip him back first into the ring steps. This leads to another near fall and back to rest holds in the ring. Neville is able to get some momentum and throws Breeze into the ring post. As he knocks him down, he hits a standing shooting star press for another two count.

Neville tries to jump off the top rope but takes a drop kick to the face for another near fall. Breeze tried to use the middle turnbuckle but was met with a super kick from Neville. Both superstars go to the ropes and Neville hits a great Sunset Flip Powerbomb for another near fall. Wow.

Neville tries to go to the ropes again but Breeze gets out of the way. As Neville goes after him, Breeze gets a boot up and this quickly leads into a Diving Tornado DDT for another near fall. That was impressive. Neville sold that move perfectly to make it look amazing. A well-deserved “This is Awesome” chant has now started.

It is very back and forth with counter for counter. Neville is able to avoid Breeze, who runs into the ropes, and this leads to a Neville German Suplex for another near fall. Breeze escapes the ring but this only allows Neville to fly through the ropes onto Breeze. At this point, Tyson Kidd stands up to walk to ring side. As he watches, Neville kicks Kidd right in the face. Neville gets Breeze back in the ring and is getting ready for the finisher. At the moment, Kidd grabs Neville’s leg and we have a disqualification. I am very sad a disqualification ends this impressive match but I understand why they did it.

Kidd continues to beat up Neville until Breeze interferes. Then, Kidd and Breeze decide to fight. Neville, feeling left out, acts them both. This doesn’t work out too well and the bad guys decide to work together to attack the champion. Zayn comes out for the save and checks on Neville as the show comes to an end.


Final Thoughts-

What a show. While the tag matches certainly where simply storyline builders, the other two matches more than delivered. Bayley and Sasha Banks are impressive young talents and add to an already bright future for the Women’s division.

The main event is a must see in my opinion. Sure it started slow but the last five minutes are a clinic of wrestling. I would re-watch the match for that Tornado DDT alone. I hope and know we will get more of these two in the future. Now that it looks like Zayn and Kidd are thrown into the title mix, we have a great series of matches to look forward to.

I cannot wait for Takeover 2!


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