Welcome to your weekly dose of CJ Parker matches. Sigh. The good news is NXT is building towards NXT Takeover 2 and this is finally leading to meaningful feuds for all of the NXT titles.  The tag titles in particular are in desperate need of help and the start of the NXT Tag Team tournament should be exciting.  Who knows maybe I am just distracted by the fact I get to see Raw live this week.  I will be writing a report on that show on TJR Wrestling next week.

Anyway onto this week’s NXT!

WWE NXT 8/7/14

We open with Jason Jordan and Tye Dillinger. They are a team that has some potential; I hope they get some time in NXT to develop as a tag team. Meanwhile, Enzo Amore is a popular man at Full Sail University. It certainly seems to have helped out Big Cass’ confidence in the last few weeks.


Enzo Amore & Colin Cassady defeated Jason Jordan & Tye Dillinger (1st Round of Tag Team Tournament)

The match didn’t start off to well for Jason Jordan but the overconfident Cassady got distracted by Dillinger on the outside which led to Jordan being able to take advantage and attack Cassady from behind. Why are good guys so dumb and easily distracted?

This leads to your natural tag team formula with the Jordan/Dillinger keeping Cassady away from his tag partner Amore. It is still weird to see the 7-foot guy as the one in trouble. That is until Cassady blocks the boot and gets to tag in Amore. Amore’s reward consists of getting a very impressive super kick to face by Dillinger. For some bizarre reason Tye doesn’t go for the cover. I guess bad guys are dumb too.

Jason Jordan attempts to hit Enzo in the corner but Cassady stops him.  Dillinger argues about Cassady’s outside interference but all that does is allow Cassady to hit a big boot onto Jordan. This allowed the dazed Amore to fall onto Jordan and pick up the win to advance. A good short tag match for the time it was given.

Backstage, Zayn does some flirting with Renee Young and explains he currently doesn’t have a tag partner for his Tag Team tournament match tonight. Justin Gabriel and Tyson Kidd come by to gloat and tell Zayn he doesn’t have any friends so he won’t have a tag partner. After some discussions of their past feuds, Adam Rose comes to the rescue and volunteers to help Sami. I still wouldn’t take a lollipop from Rose. You don’t know where those lollipops have been.


CJ Parker defeated Xavier Woods

I am pretty sure I like CJ Parker’s gimmick a lot more then I like the actual wrestler CJ Parker. He holds a “Stop Frilkin Fracking” sign as he enters the ring. Huh? He is starting to give an angry pro-environment speech but is interrupted by a non-suit wearing Xavier Woods.

The match was very much what I expected. Woods kept a very fast pace at the start but an accidental shoulder into the ring post killed his momentum. We then endured many slow minutes of Parker’s submission moves that the NXT fans and I didn’t enjoy. It got better when Woods got back into the match and he hit a very impressive elbow drop from one set of the ropes to another. Sadly, Parker picked up the win shortly there after with a yet unnamed power move. The way the announcers were talking they seem to be hinting at more of this feud. I sure hope not.

Eden directs us to a message from Tyler Breeze on the screen. “The King of Cuteville” announces it will finally be time to wash the uggo off the NXT title. It is about time and I look forward to the Breeze-Neville NXT title match soon.


Bayley defeated Eva Marie

The always-adorable Bayley comes to ring for a match. The fans love her but they don’t love her opponent Eva Marie. Maybe if Eva Marie learned to wrestle before appearing on a reality show we wouldn’t get a loud (deserved) “You can’t wrestle!” chant.

The always-adorable Bayley picks up the win but I can’t say I have much to say about the match. Eva Marie is just too green to make any match worthwhile right now. Thankfully it was short and I could focus on listening to the fun chants from the crowd. I hope the always-adorable Bayley gets better competition soon against  the champion Charlotte.


Sami Zayn & Adam Rose defeated Tyson Kidd & Justin Gabriel (1st Round of Tag Team Tournament)

Natalya is absent after the events of last week. When I see Alex Riley and Jason Albert dance to Adam Rose’s entrance, it makes Adam Rose seem very uncool. I think Rose should focus more on wrestling then making announcer’s dance. It worked for him last week against Kidd in a good match.

How is Sami Zayn not on the main roster?  Has he had a bad match in NXT? After some solid wrestling with Tyson Kidd he tags in Adam Rose. Rose proceeds to get under Kidd’s skin with his usual antics. The antics backfire as it allows Gabriel to gain the advantage over Rose. This gets us back to the formulaic pattern of Rose being separated from his tag partner for a pretty long amount of time.

After Rose got his knees up on a Kidd springboard, this finally allows Rose to get Zayn back in the match. Zayn is able to knock both Kidd and Gabriel out of the ring. This allows him to leap over the top rope and onto both opponents. That was very impressive. Adam Rose follows suit with a great looking Senton off the top rope. Wow.  Why can’t we see this Adam Rose on the main show? Rose throws Gabriel into the ring where Sami Zayn is waiting and Zayn hits the Helluva Kick for the win. That was a very strong finish to this tag match. Zayn and Rose celebrate as we get one last look at the tag team tournament bracket.


Final Thoughts-

The strength of this show was in the tag team tournament matches. Sure, they both had the traditional tag formula at times but both finished quite strong. It was a very good showing for Adam Rose who can impress when given some time to actually wrestle.

The other two matches were not nearly as impressive. Eva Marie is not ready for even NXT and Bayley deserves a lot better of an opponent. I am looking forward to her feud with Charlotte. CJ Parker and Xavier Woods had an average television match and I wish both would move on to other feuds. I sadly won’t get my wish.

But we are certainly moving towards NXT Takeover 2 now. We had Tyler Breeze issue a challenge for the NXT title, a Charlotte-Bayley feud is brewing for the Women’s Title and an exciting Tag Team tournament to look forward to in the next few weeks. It is a good time to be an NXT fan.

See you next week!


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