Welcome to the WWE NXT review!  Sorry for missing last week, I was trapped in Las Vegas. I am sure a lot of you don’t feel that sorry for me as I was making money on slot machines but was unable to stream NXT in the meantime. It is sad I know.

John wanted me to say a few things about last week’s unmemorable show. The Vaudevillians are still awesome, Sasha Banks is ready for the main roster, CJ Parker is still terrible and I loved the main event.  Seriously the main event is the only reason I am sorry I missed reviewing last week. Tyson Kidd and Sami Zayn worked just as well as we all hoped they would. The counters and submissions were a thing of beauty. If you haven’t had a chance to watch last week’s show, watch it for Kidd-Zayn.  It is one of the best NXT matches of the year for sure.

WWE NXT 7/24/14

We open with a promo for the NXT Women’s title match tonight between Charlotte and Summer Rae . It reminds me how amazing the Charlotte/Natalya match was at NXT Takeover. I know I have said it before but this NXT version of Summer Rae is about a thousand times more interesting that her boring face role in the main roster. I hope she takes advantage of her chance against Charlotte on tonight’s show.


The Ascension defeated Local Competitors

Alex Riley is right, The Ascension are very boring because they dominate the division so much. They desperately need a real feud if you are going to make me care about this team long term.  You have to also be concerned when the WWE doesn’t even bother to name their opponents. Seriously, you can’t bother to give them some silly fake names WWE?

The match is what you would expect, another boring three minute squash. I like a lot about The Ascension but until you give them an actual opponent it is hard to care much anymore. It isn’t like there aren’t a few teams now in NXT (The Vaudevillians, Cass/Amore, The Legionnaires) that couldn’t give them a decent feud.


Tyler Breeze defeated Mojo Rawley

Only Tyler Breeze would pretend to be suffering a hand-modeling injury. The match was about thirty seconds. Tyler pretended to be worrying about his injury (hang nail as Renee said) and hits Mojo with the Beauty Shot.  Wow, that was a waste of a segment. Are you still hyped Mojo?


Charlotte defeated Summer Rae to retain the NXT Women’s Championship

I have some high hopes for this one if Summer lives up to her wrestling potential. You have to enjoy any match that starts with a shoving match and some cat fighting. Thankfully it gets to actual wrestling and Charlotte controls the match early with some nice submission moves. It is particularly interesting to watch Charlotte hold Summer in a figure four leg lock as she slams Summer’s head into the mat repeatedly.

After the break, Summer pretends to beg for mercy and is able to push Charlotte out of the ring. Man, Summer is sure loud in the ring as she repeatedly tells Charlotte that she “made her”. We seem to switch from Charlotte’s submission moves to Summer’s submission moves.  I don’t know if it is a good sign the NXT fans are doing the wave during the match itself.

We get a few back and forth pin falls but Charlotte is able to hit a Bow Down to the Queen for the win. The match itself was decent but way to slow for a majority of the match. They seemed to be working in slow motion at times. I think it is time for Charlotte to feud with a new challenger.

We get a video promo for Alexa Bliss. I don’t really know what I think of her current character so far. It is strange.


Kalisto & Sin Cara defeated The Vaudevillians

I agree with Renee I am quite fond of The Vaudevillians as well. I hope they will never talk again; it is too perfect that they don’t.  The fans don’t seem too impressed with the new team of Sin Cara and Kalisto. I am willing to give it a chance, as we need more tag teams.

The match itself was a contrast in styles. The Vaudevillians resorted to submissions and power moves while the Luchadors performed a few cool combined moves. Sin Cara hit an impressive power slam to get Kalisto into the match. Kalisto hits a beautiful finisher on Gotch to win the match. I am impressed in every match I have seen with Kalisto so far. He has a lot of long term potential.


Adrian Neville defeated Rusev via disqualification

Yeah, I get to review a Rusev match! Or should I say I get to see Lana.  Lana is not only stunningly beautiful she is great at what she does in her promo work. Rusev is a lucky man in more ways then one.

The match itself was about what you would expect. Rusev uses a lot of power moves and Neville attempted his unique offense to counter it. However, the match was pretty much a set-up for future matches as Tyler Breeze interfered twice in the match. This led to the disqualification and a traditional Rusev attack on Neville to end the show.


Final Thoughts-

It wasn’t the best NXT in terms of in-ring action. They seem to be spinning their wheels until the next NXT special. I would love a Breeze-Neville match but they seem to be waiting until the special thus a lot of time wasting these last few weeks.

The Summer Rae-Charlotte match was equally disappointing to me. I had some high hopes for this match but the pace seemed to be way off.  I hope now that Charlotte can move onto the overdue feuds with Bayley or Sasha Banks. Summer had her chance.

The Ascension desperately needs an opponent and the tag match from this show showed the potential of this division. There are some decent tag teams, it is time to push one as a real competitor to The Ascension. NXT certainly need it.


See you next week!


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