Welcome to the WWE NXT review!  I hope you are all having a wonderful 4th of July weekend. If you are not an American, I hope you are enjoying a good weekend as well! I wonder what the NXT will have in store for this patriotic weekend?

WWE NXT 7/3/14

We start with Enzo Amore and Colin Cassady coming to the ring. You have to admit the NXT fans love this duo. After all, it has been a few years since we had the Full Blooded Italians.

Colin Cassady defeated Sylvester Lefort


I still don’t understand why the French are heels and the Italians are faces? How did that happen? Sylvester feels the need to insult New Jersey. Too low Lefort. Too low.

This is the second match between these two in my short time reviewing NXT and it has the same result. It was a forty-five second match. Yep, nothing says a meaningful feud then a match that last less then a minute.  It consisted off a few punches by Lefort that Big Cass eventually blocked followed up by his finisher. See, I can do play-by-play!

Devin Taylor proceeded to interview Adrian Neville. Neville started to put over Rob Van Dam until Tyler Breeze interrupted. Neville was willing to put the title on the line but Breeze sadly suffered a career-threatening hand modeling injury. It was a “brutal” looking splint to be sure. 

They showed a Bull Dempsey vignette. That seems strange since he already has wrestled once. I haven’t formed an opinion on him yet.

Charlotte and Sasha Banks defeated Bayley and Becky Lynch


I am glad to know the waving tubmen have names now. That is important information for sure.  Bayley and Becky Lynch start off the match nicely and certainly work well as a team. It helps when you actually get time to work on a WWE show.

The second half of the match was the traditional face-in-peril routine with the BFF’s controlling the match and Bayley spending the match in peril. I don’t know what good it does Bayley to look weak but it did allow for the hot tag to newcomer Becky Lynch. Lynch quickly hit three leg drops in a row on Sasha Banks before Charlotte gets involved to break up the tag. This eventually leads to Charlotte hitting her finisher on Becky Lynch for a clean victory. I certainly didn’t expect the clean victory for the heels. Bayley does get a little revenge when she throws a trash talking Sasha Banks out of the ring. The feud continues.

Devin is now interviewing Justin Gabriel. Justin is quickly interrupted by Tyson Kidd who proceeds to discuss the "purgatory" of not appearing on television regularly unless you “put a boot down” on guys coming up. Mid-card purgatory certainly seems like it would be an improvement for both of these talented guys. Gabriel states he will take care of that tonight against Zayn. That should be a good match.

After break, Sasha is demanding to know why Charlotte didn’t help. Charlotte proceeds to end the BFF’s. This is sad to me. Sasha does inform Charlotte that Summer Rae will soon be facing Bayley in a number one contender match. That should be good if given time. It will occur next week.

CJ Parker defeated Steve Cutler


CJ Parker is back in action! Yeah? The match was another glorified squash where CJ Parker blamed Cutler for “ruining the world” and then wins the match with a new finisher in about two minutes. While I do think Parker will work better as a heel, I still need to see more from him as a wrestler and especially as a talker.

Post-match he grabs a mic and proceeds to insult Xavier Woods’ lack of accomplishments on the main roster. Sadly, Woods best accomplishment is being a Funkadactyl. I completely agree Woods has done little since leaving NXT but I doubt anyone reading this is clamoring for a Woods-Parker feud.

We cut to a sit-down interview between Renee Young and Tyson Kidd. First, Kidd blames Natalya for his loss at NXT Takeover and also says he didn’t know Natalya was at the post-show at NXT when he blew her off and walked away. He thanks Natalya for stopping him from attacking Neville with a chair in his title match two weeks later. He said he was having an out of body experience. Ok.

Renee asks Kidd to address the chants of “Nattie’s husband” and if he is living in her shadow. He states he is not and he loves her. After Renee asks if they are having martial problems, Kidd promptly leaves. I don’t know where the Kidd storyline is going but I am glad to seeing him having a chance to shine in NXT.

Sami Zayn defeated Justin Gabriel (w/Tyson Kidd)


I love the fact you get William Regal talking about great South African wrestling champions during our main event. The match started with a lot of back and forth submissions especially with Gabriel slowing down the pace. It seemed every time early on Zayn got some momentum, Justin stopped it quickly.

However, Zayn started to turn it around with some clotheslines and a dropkick. Zayn tried to win with a Thunder Bomb and Exploder Suplex but only got a two count. Zayn tried to gain the momentum but ran into an impressive thrust kick for another near fall this time for Gabriel.  Gabriel then tried an impressive looking neck breaker but it only lead to another near fall. Even an impressive springboard moonsault off the ropes is unsuccessful for the increasingly frustrated Gabriel. Gabriel goes to the top rope but is unsuccessful where he is stopped by Sami. Zayn and Gabriel eventually end up back in the ring where Zayn is able to take advantage. Zayn puts Gabriel into the Kojo Clutch for the submission victory. I don’t normally like doing play-by-play but that was an impressive main event.

After the match, Tyson Kidd decided to attack Sami Zayn. After a little hesitation, Gabriel joins in the attack. This leads to Neville running out for the save. We will now get a feud with Neville/Zayn versus Kidd/Gabriel? I am a happy NXT reporter!


Final Thoughts-

It was the solid hour you expect from NXT. Sure we had two squash matches but two good matches as well. It was a strong women’s tag match along with a wonderful main event.

The main event was impressive. I doubt anyone would be surprised that the talented Zayn and Gabriel can put on a quality match. Even better, we seemed to have a gotten a full heel turn from both Gabriel and Kidd. I cannot wait for the quality matches Neville, Zayn, Gabriel and Kidd can deliver.


See you next week!


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