Welcome to the WWE NXT review!  It seems to be a very good time to be an NXT fan. First, we got the news/pictures of Kenta and Prince Devitt coming to NXT. For all I have heard about this two, it will make NXT even more fun to review.

Second, NXT got a lot more interesting with the announcement of the NXT Takeover 2 special on September 11th.  I won’t go into any spoilers of matches here but needless to say, I am more than ready to review that show. However, we have a number of weeks before Takeover 2, so onto the show!

WWE NXT 7/31/14

We open with “Prince Pretty” Tyler Breeze coming to the ring.  Will he get a longer match then last week?


Tyler Breeze defeated Angelo Dawkins


Poor Angelo Dawkins. He gets the “I am already in the ring” jobber entrance. I am amazed how many matches I have to review that last about a minute on NXT. They seem to want to rush through matches and superstars. Breeze wins in a squash over Dawkins. Why even bother? Has Dawkins ever won a match?

The most important part of the segment was after the match. Breeze threw Dawkins out of the ring and grabbed a mic and his phone. Breeze “accidently” showed the footage of his interference in the previous week’s main event. His big announcement was he submitted his music video into Best Documentary Category at the Oscars. The crowd began a “Thank You Tyler” chant for this wonderful news. NXT fans are awesome.

Before we got the chance to see it again Adrian Neville interrupted. Neville demanded to know when the two would have their match. We get no answer but we do get a Hobbit joke and a mom joke. Stay classy guys. When will you actually fight?

Natalya shares her positive opinion on Adam Rose and his success. Tyson Kidd insults Adam Rose and his lack of success on WWE Raw because he says Rose is too busy partying and wasting his opportunities. I think I will side with Tyson on this one, even if he is a “lemon”. Anyway, we get a challenge for a Kidd versus Rose match for later tonight.

After the break, our announcers share that a tag team tournament will begin next week. Thank goodness, I am sick of The Ascension having nothing meaningful to do. We do have some decent teams that could give them a reasonable feud.


Charlotte defeated Becky Lynch


I am glad Becky Lynch has gotten a new entrance. Anything would be better than her previous stereotypically Irish introduction. Renee compares Becky to Lita. I think that might be a little premature.

The match starts with Charlotte working on Becky’s legs. It goes on for a few minutes until a surprise roll-up for a two count by Becky leads to a momentum change. This is however short lived, as Charlotte is able to Bow Down to the Queen for the win. It is a good short match but these two need more time.

Ugh, it is Mojo Rawley talking about being hyped backstage with JoJo. Bull Dempsey interrupts their interview and agrees to be Mojo’s tag partner. I will try to contain my excitement at that possibility.


The Ascension defeated Steve Cutler & Mac Miles


Hey, the jobbers got names this week! Otherwise you should just read my review on The Ascension’s match from last week, it will give you a really idea of what occurred in this match. I am getting a strong case of déjà vu. That NXT Tag Team Tournament cannot begin soon enough in my opinion. The Ascension gives us a brief promo promising total annihilation of their completion. I sure hope not, I have seen that  sort of match with The Ascension way too much.

We get a good video promo about CJ Parker and his feud with Xavier Woods. I really wonder how Woods’ character change on the main roster will affect this feud. Anyway, they will have a match next week.


Mojo Rawley & Bull Dempsey defeated The Mechanics


We get two new tag teams in this match with the NXT debut of The Mechanics (Scott Dawson and Dash Wilder).  At least The Mechanics are wearing matching tights. Get it together Mojo and Bull!

The match is another brief tag encounter. Bull starts the match off but Mojo tags in. After The Mechanics beat up Mojo for a while, Bull comes back in with his Bulldozer for the win. I think we have another “Odd Couple” tag team forming!

The always-adorable Bayley talks backstage about how she wants a title shot against Charlotte since she recently pinned her in a match. That makes logical sense.  Charlotte, the buzz kill, arrives to threaten Bayley and tell her to never say her name again. The always-adorable Bayley is left speechless.


Adam Rose defeated Tyson Kidd


The match starts with Adam Rose irritating Tyson with his usual antics. Rose takes it  a step too far by offering Natalya a lollipop, which she actually takes. You don’t offer another man’s wife a lollipop Rose. That is not cool. I don’t blame Tyson Kidd for getting a little upset. These distractions allow Rose to take control going into the mid-match break.

After the break, Kidd has regained some control as he throws Rose out of the ring. It is certainly an angry Kidd who throws Rose into the ring posts twice.  The match quickly becomes a ground game with Kidd putting a lot of punishment onto Adam Rose. Rose is able to recover from a sleeper hold and regain some energy. A nice looking Spinebuster from Rose leads to a quick two count. Kidd is able to turn that around for an attempted Sharpshooter but it only leads to Adam Rose being thrown out of the ring. As Kidd throws Rose back into the ring, he takes this important moment to get after Natalya for taking the lollipop. Sure enough the distraction allows Rose to get a quick roll-up for the win. A solid main event, this is what happens if you actually give Rose some time to wrestle.

We, not surprisingly, end with Kidd and Natalya arguing in the ring. I don’t think Kidd should have worried about it mid-match but I can see his point of view on this one. Not cool Natalya.


Final Thoughts-

Too many squash matches, as they were a majority of the matches on tonight’s show. I get that The Ascension is dominant. I figured that out with the last forty squash matches they had on NXT television. It is getting really old. The same goes for the brief match with Tyler Breeze along with the new pairing of Mojo and Bull. I don’t need to have a full show of character building with squash matches. I come to NXT for quality matches.

The other two matches did provide some entertainment. Becky Lynch and Charlotte showed some in-ring quality and just need some more time to reach the next level. Additionally Rose and Kidd had a decent main event proving Rose should focus more on wrestling than stupid antics on the main roster.

But the main event leaves me with one question: When are Natalya and Kidd going to break-up on air? It seems well over due at this point in the storylines. Besides Natalya broke the cardinal rule: You don’t take another man’s lollipop if you are married.

See you next week!


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