Welcome to the WWE NXT review!  I am taking over this slot from the amazing Lonestar. In the last few months, I have become a major fan of this program and wanted to provide some commentary on what is constantly the WWE’s best show. I won’t do full play-by-play results of the matches, but I am looking forward to providing some thoughts on the unique stories of the NXT Universe.

WWE NXT 6/12/14

We start with Bayley coming to the ring with her Wacky Waving Inflatable Arm Guys. Emma and Paige join her in this six-diva tag match. Remember when Emma and Paige could actually wrestle lengthy matches? Only in NXT.

By the way, I think Renee Young should be on commentary a lot more often.  She is improving. However it isn’t a true NXT show without William Regal. I missed him this week.


Bayley, Emma and Paige defeated The BFF’s

Emma gets to play the face in peril for most of the match. But the most entertaining part of the match was watching the return of Summer Rae’s NXT character. She seems to fit her heel BFF role much better than whatever she currently is in the WWE. She has some wrestling talent that I finally got reminded of again.

While Paige did very little, it was a chance to build Bayley up as a true challenger. However Bayley only got the win by surprise roll-up on a distracted Charlotte who was arguing with Summer Rae. Is this a short-lived BFF reunion? I think I will survive if that is the case. I know I will enjoy a Charlotte-Bayley title feud.

JBL signs “Mr. NXT”,  who in no way resembles Bo Dallas.  After the break, we get more BFF arguing and an open challenge from Alexa Bliss. CJ Parker is doing his best Zeb impression when the next match starts.


Colin Cassady defeated Sylvester Lefort  (w/Marcus Louis)

I must have missed a few NXT’s with my grading, so I ask when did we reform La Resistance? Better yet why would being French make you a bad guy at this time in history? Anyway, the match itself was a glorified squash match. Big Cass is getting better, but will need some other opponents to truly push him. Lefort and Louis can certainly join the tag division in desperate need of some depth.

Natalya and Tyson Kidd argue backstage. I love them as performers, but not as good at the promo side of the equation. Aidan English and a debuting Simon Gotch have a backstage segment that I am sure (know) will lead to things to come in upcoming weeks.

Sami Zayn defeated Mr. NXT

I do like that the crowd and Renee Young clearly know who Mr. NXT is, but apparently Alex Riley is a moron. You must enjoy that Mr. NXT has to shout, “I am not Bo Dallas” repeatedly. After Zayn unmasks Dallas, he gets the win on the distracted Dallas.

However, the match itself is not a reason to watch this highly enjoyable segment. It is what occurs post-match. Zayn has security “attempt” to pull the trespassing Dallas from the ring.  The joy of watching Bo Dallas being chased around the ring, holding onto the ring and screaming that security is “kidnapping him and touching his bum” is quite a highlight. 

I like how that is even continued with Bo Dallas vowing to go quietly before escaping the “police” and scaring some people outside Full Sail. I will admit to laughing out loud when Bo said he was going to “steal your shirt” to an annoyed security guard. Bo is finally taken out of the arena in a golf cart. Bo Dallas, you are on your way to being an amazing comedic superstar.


Adrian Neville defeated Tyson Kidd

These two certainly had their match overshadowed at NXT Takeover. This encounter was of similar quality with, I believe, a slightly better final five minutes. It is certainly a fun television main event with two separate occasions where Tyson Kidd looks like he was going to win the championship. The one that led to Kidd’s downfall was when Natalya wouldn’t let Kidd use a steel chair and Neville was able to take advantage with the Red Arrow.

The question is where both of the combatants go from here? Neville desperately needs to start a feud with Breeze. Tyson Kidd? I have no idea where he goes now.


Final Thoughts

It was a lot of fun to review “NXT”. The NXT fans are the best in the WWE. This episode certainly was an improvement from last week as we begun building for the future. I look forward to the Bayley-Charlotte feud along with the Neville-Breeze matches. The future as always is very bright in NXT.

But mainly watch this episode for Bo Dallas. He is a comedic genius in the making.

See you next week!


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