Welcome to the WWE NXT review!  I look forward to reviewing the ever-changing landscape of NXT.  As you might have seen in previous weeks, I wouldn’t do full play-by-play results of the matches but I am looking forward to providing some thoughts on each episode.

WWE NXT 6/26/14

We start with the black and white opening for The Vaudevillians and their very unique introduction.  English introduces his team as being a combined 12 feet and seven inches. Awesome.

The Vaudevillians defeated T-Perkins & Matt Sugarman


I do enjoy that Renee Young calls “The Vaudevillans” adorable. I agree with Renee’s assessment. I must also point out that T-Perkins and Matt Sugarman are among the worst names for jobbers ever. The match itself was simply a quick show for Gotch and English’s talent set. I am sure in the NXT’s tag division The Vaudevillians are about two wins away from a title shot.

After a short recap of last week’s events, we go to Zayn backstage after Kidd’s betrayal. Zayn is not very happy with Kidd and promises this wouldn’t be the last we hear of him and Tyson.  I eagerly await their amazing matches.


Bull Dempsey defeated Xavier Woods


Xavier Woods sure doesn’t get to do anything in NXT or on the main roster. We have here the NXT debut of “The Last of the Dying Breed” Bull Dempsey. You have to like that Bull Dempsey’s theme song mainly consist of yelling the word “Bull”. Fantastic.

The announcers spent a long time gushing over the pedigree and toughness of Bull Dempsey. However his four-minute match mainly consisted of a few power moves and a lot of rest holds on Xavier Woods. I am not seeing what Alex Riley and Renee Young are seeing yet. He wins with what is called a “Bulldozer”. I love WWE puns.

Bull Dempsey does get to talk post-match and has some skill on the mic. He says the children have run the NXT for too long and he is the “Last of a Dying Breed”. Trust me Bull, we will have a lot more power move guys like you in the WWE’s future. You are not the last of your kind.


Becky Lynch defeated Summer Rae


We had the NXT debut of Becky Lynch. A quick look at her history shows a long and pretty accomplished wrestling background. Her initial entrance in NXT however consisted of a woman in green dancing a jig to Irish music. Are all Irish WWE superstars required to act like ridiculous stereotypes?

The over-the-top act aside, Lynch shows some talent in this short match and Summer Rae gets to show more here than she normally does on the main roster. I would like to see more matches from both on NXT. Summer looks upset she received no help from the BFF’s as Lynch picks up the win. I am sure we will see more dissention from the BFF’s soon.


Colin Cassidy defeated Sawyer Fulton


Does Sawyer Fulton get to do anything besides lose? Fulton dominates for about a minute and then Colin Cassidy hits a Big Boot and follows with an elbow drop for another win in a very short match. Alex Riley was good and annoying throughout the match.

After the “match” ends, the Legionaries come to the ring to confront Cassidy. The returning Enzo Amore interrupts this potential attack. I will admit I haven’t seen much of Enzo because he was injured before I started watching regularly. However anytime the crowd recites your entire speech with you, that is a good sign of your popularity. Wow, a real tag team division is building in NXT!


Adrian Neville defeated Rob Van Dam


Tyler Breeze kicked Alex Riley out of commentary? As if I need another reason to like the guy! Anyway he is around to watch the upcoming match with Adrian Neville and Rob Van Dam. Breeze constantly refuses to explain when he will take his title match. I thoroughly enjoyed the wonderful banter between Breeze and Young throughout the main event. I think we need to see a lot more of that commentary duo on NXT.

As for the main event itself, it was pretty enjoyable. Rob Van Dam has rightfully been accused of doing the same match and moves for years now. I was surprised to see a few moves from RVD I haven’t seen in a while. Van Dam seemed to enjoy the freedom of the longer matches in front of the NXT audience and working with someone like Neville who can compliment his unique offense.

The back and forth match ended shortly after Van Dam misses a Five Star Frog Splash. Neville countered with a DDT and then the Red Arrow for the win. Neville is sure picking up the wins over established WWE stars in the last few weeks. Van Dam shook Neville before leaving, a nice gesture of putting over the younger talent along with giving him a solid match. Breeze stands on the announce table to remind Neville what is coming. I eagerly await that match.


Final Thoughts-

It was an episode of debuts and a long awaited return on “NXT”. You have to enjoy the fact that NXT seems to be rebuilding its tag division. They now have at least four legitimate teams that could lead to some entertaining matches.

Most of the matches were either glorified squashes and/or introducing new talent. Becky Lynch was the standout for sure. I hope she gets more time in her matches and tones down the Irish jigs a bit.

The only long match was Rob Van Dam versus Adrian Neville. It was a solid main event and better then most of Van Dam’s recent work. While it is fine that Neville is picking up victories over the established WWE stars, he needs to move onto a Breeze feud soon. Finally, we need to see a lot more of Renee Young interacting with Tyler Breeze. It was clearly the highlight of the show.


See you next week!


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