Tonight are the Slammy Awards. I would be writing about them live, but my favorite NFL team (the St. Louis Rams) are on tonight and I have to watch that first. I know they suck. I don't care. I'm loyal. I'm sure I'll be flipping over at times though. It's a 3 hour Raw, so it could drag a lot with all the "comedy" bits they likely have planned. History tells us that the Slammys are not always a great television show. We'll see.<!--more-->The Raw Deal should be posted by about 9:30AM ET on Tuesday. If I'm unable to get it posted at that time then it will be 5pmET by the time I get a around to it. I'll be at work and not near a computer tomorrow, so that's how it is. Once the new year hits I'll do the Raw Deal live more often. Here's to hoping there's no sign of Todd Pettengill at this year's awards.Because it was mean of me to post that, here's some Sunny from those same awards. Mmm Sunny days indeed.Enjoy the show!