In what can only be called The Great Ancillary Talent Purge of 2013, WWE has parted ways with Briley Pierce (aka Dolph Ziggler's IRL brother) Sakamoto (who you might remember as the guy that was racially profiled by Tensai and beaten to a pulp every other week) Audrey Marie (who looks like this, the monsters) and most upsettingly, Derrick "The USA Guy" Bateman.

This isn't an uncommon WWE practice mind you, but it doesn't make it any easier to swallow. Bateman was a severely underutilized talent that was both in-ring capable and genuinely hilarious. It shouldn't have been hard to package him as something that could make you huge dough. 

But this isn't a just world, because Derrick Bateman (and others) has been fired but Zack Ryder still has a job. Whatever, WWE's loss is Chikara's gain. Please go to Chikara, USA Guy. They will LOVE you there.

I'm sure he'll be fine. Scratch that, I know he'll be fine. He's the goddamn Bateman.

Check back here for more updates/firings as they happen. Hopefully these will be the only ones today.

UPDATE: WWE has purged even more talent from the NXT roster. Gone now are Brandon Traven, Anya Bogomazova, and Percy Watson. If Bray Wyatt is cut, I swear WWE.