In the lead up to a PPV we frequently experience high quality wrestling on Superstars. Hopefully this week continues the trend and doesn’t plummet like my shares did during the week. I apologise I shouldn’t be brining my personal life to the work place. Anyway, yes, where was I? Wrestling! This week we have two exciting bouts featuring several talented performers. Our card may be short by a match or two but eight different superstars show face on this week’s show.

Match One: The Usos vs. The Prime Time Players

Darren takes a beating at the hands of both Usos. Jimmy and Jey utilise several tags to maintain an advantageous position. Following several double team moves at the hands of the Usos Darren rushes to his corner for the tag. Titus enters the bout with and demands an immediate change in attitude from his rivals. O’Neil misses a big boot but soon lands a huge back elbow. After gaining control for his team Titus allows Darren to re-enter the bout. D-Young attempts to hold his team’s strong position but ultimately struggles as he fails to employ any impact moves; his strike offense failed to inflict substantial damage. Jey Uso tags in and lands a diving headbutt after coming off the adjacent ropes.

Titus tags in and ejects Jey from the ring. Darren capitalises on a distracted referee with a diving clothesline on the outside; he was Dolph Ziggler-like with his execution. On return to the ring Titus warrants a nearfall. TPTP perform a double team for a second nearfall. Titus employs a bearhug-slam; nice innovative move.


Titus dissects his opponent with a knee backbreaker and body slam combination. He follows with a foot choke in the corner. O’Neil attempts to continue the offense with a running slam in the turnbuckle but Jey exhibits admirable defensive awareness as he raises a foot for a big boot. Both competitors are now on the mat; hot tag time.

Jimmy wins the initial battle over D-Young. He lands a Samoan Drop followed by a Butt Bump. Titus interrupts the immediate pin. Jey enters the mix as both Usos Samoan kick O’Neil simultaneously; Jey Uso wraps things up with a Samoan Splash. Winners – The Usos

MoM – Titus O’Neil

This bout experienced a slow start. However, the tempo picked up which allowed the competitors to create some exciting sequences. I always enjoy watching TPTPs perform; this week was no different. Darren and Titus foil each other excellently. Titus brings the power whilst D-Young brings the cower. Believe me, that is not an insult to Darren. He plays the role of heel well in the sense that he is more than happy to apply offense to exploit an advantageous position but as soon as he faces adversity he turns to his physically superior partner for help.

I would like to take some time to commend The Usos for their part in this stimulating bout. Jimmy and Jey appear on Superstars every now and then and I find myself providing an identical prognosis on each occaision; raise the intensity. This week they were on their game and their offense, particularly the closing sequences, was simply brilliant. I hope that the Samoan tag team continue to raise the bar; never settle.

RAW Rebound

In the absence of a match WWE are filling time with promo features from the previous episode of RAW. This week we have the AJ Lee storyline. I must admit that they do a good job of concatenating the various clips from the episode into one engrossing video. It is more effective this way.

Match Two: Jinder Mahal w/Drew McIntyre and Heath Slater vs. Tyson Kidd

I love the 3MB but I will admit that they have to do something serious fairly soon if they are to experience any kind of success. I will say that all members of the group demonstrate good continuity and team spirit.

Tyson utilises his agility to gain the initial upper-hand. Mahal implements a headlock before using the ropes for a shoulder block. Jinder demonstrates some personality as he celebrates each successful piece of offense with a dance. Of course Tyson has an answer to Jinder’s cocky attitude; a standing dropkick.

Tyson migrates to the apron and looks to set-up a springboard crossbody, however, Heath Slater moves onto the apron for a distraction. Such allows Jinder to execute an uppercut and subsequently commandeer control of the match.


Jinder retains control with a standing headlock. Tyson shows some spirit, however, Mahal overpowers his Canadian opponent as he moves to land his patented knee drops. Jinder utilises a single arm underhook suplex as he continues to exhibit an entertaining arsenal. Following a suplex Jinder connects with a big knee drop; nearfall. After failing to capitalise on his success Jinder falls victim to some exciting Kidd offense. Tyson raises the tempo as he implements his signature moves consisting of mainly hard kicks. Jinder counters Kidd’s running offense as he elevates his opponent before tossing him neck first into the adjacent top rope. The Indian Rock Star finishes his opponent with the Camel clutch. Winner – Jinder Mahal

MoM – Tyson Kidd

This was a great match. With the exception of a couple of fight backs Jinder controlled the bout. Mahal employed a great variation of offense and Tyson sold his opponent’s moves excellently.

There are a significant number of Jinder haters out there. I advise those haters to watch the Canadian’s Indian’s performance in this bout because he was great. The most pleasing aspect of his performance was his constant exhibition of personality. Tyson Kidd played his role well; he made his opponent look like a badass.

Closing thoughts

Two weeks ago I stated that I would be content with a two match card so long that there were a constant flow of solid matches; three and four card matches have traditionally carried a weak match. Fortunately, we experienced two great matches this week; I’m a happy writer.

I understand that it may be difficult for some wrestlers to motivate themselves for a match on Superstars. However, Cesaro and Gabriel highlighted the potential benefit of a brilliant performance on the D-show. Three weeks ago they came out and produced an epic spectacle. They were rewarded with matches on the consecutive episodes of RAW and look set for a Championship bout at Hell in a Cell.

Hopefully WWE continues to reward hard-working talent with brand promotion. It is a sure way to motivate the group as a whole.

That’s all for this week. I hope you enjoyed the review; if you have any questions or comments feel free to utilise the comment section below or alternatively you can tweet me @Graham_Galloway (Snitsky tweeted me during the week; follow me for a bundle of fun).

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