I can say with a certain level of confidence that Superstars is now a two match card.  Both matches are taped prior to RAW with pre-Smackdown matches being recorded for SMS and ME. I would prefer a 3 bout card but I can understand why management have taken this direction given the direct monetary gain provided by SMS and ME.

Match One: 2MB (Jinder and Heath) vs. The Usos

Representing 3MB is Heath Slater and Jinder Mahal; I’m sure most understand Drew’s recent absence from the scene. My prayers are with our Scottish hero. Most fans are unconvinced regarding the prospects of 3MB. I would advise the WWE Universe to “Melo out” (to borrow a phrase from Steve). 3MB are a fun group. Remember that wrestling has a less-serious side to it, also.

For those of you who don’t watch Superstars, or read my reviews regularly the Usos have been on a roll. They have been picking up victories in addition to producing entertaining performances.

Jey Uso begins with some signature Samoan power as he takes Jinder out with a huge clothesline. Heath allows his startled partner to recover as he enters attempting to pull the strings and control the bout. Slater’s attempts ultimately fail as the Usos maintain their position of dominance utilising a double team and array of impact manoeuvres. Slater clotheslines Jey over the top which allows Mahal to ram Jey into the stairs before Slater himself lands snake eyes on the barrier.

Mahal tags in and begins to implement his knee drops at the apron. Slater re-enters the ring and executes a nice diving elbow drop prior to landing his signature neckbreaker for a 2 count.


Jinder has Jimmy in a standing headlock. Jimmy struggles to release himself from the Indian’s grip but soon escapes by means of back drop. Both superstars tag their partners simultaneously. Jey enters with considerable velocity and the tempo goes through the roof. He lands an atomic drop before a Samoan drop for a 2 count. Heath attempts a diving neckbreaker from the top rope, however, Jimmy counters into a bodyslam. Jinder breaks up the immediate pin attempt and continues with the ejection of Jey Uso from the ring. Unfortunately for Mahal, Jimmy levels the playing field as he delivers a well executed Samoan kick. Slater takes advantage of a distracted opponent to land his Smash Hit DDT finisher for the win. Winners – 3MB

MoM – Heath Slater

All four competitors demonstrated equally impressive ring skills. Slater, however, delivers the additional dimension of personality to the bout. His body language is endemically entertaining. I thought all four superstars gelled well in this match. I believe most fans enjoy the Usos offense; they continue to improve each and every week. Things are looking up for the Samoan tag team.

Match Two: The Great Khali vs. JTG

It is really good to see Khali back; I never thought I’d say that.

JTG goes straight after Khali but his efforts are in vain as Khali overpowers his opponent with minimum effort. Khali proceeds to pull out the impressive manoeuvres as he slaps JTG continuously. JTG looks like he may be in serious pain. Someone should throw up the X sign; where is CM Punk when you need him? Khali delivers a chop onto a dazed opponent and follows with a successful pin attempt. Winner – The Great Khali

MoM – JTG (for taking all those slaps)

Wow, a 2 minute match from JTG; his longest outing since his strap match with Shad.

I stated at the beginning of the column that Superstars was definitely a two match card. I now find myself having second thoughts. I’m really not sure that bout qualifies as full match. It was essentially; slap, slap, slap – 1,2,3. I take my hat off to JTG for taking those hard slaps, though. There hasn’t been slaps as painful as those since JBL had an obsession of bullying The Miz in ‘07.

Closing thoughts

Our opening bout was a great Superstars match. It encapsulated what this show can offer; young hungry stars who have something to prove. Unfortunately, the closing bout was rather anti-climatic. I’ll try not to dwell too much on the strange ending of the show and instead look forward to Survivor Series.

I am optimistic for Sunday’s PPV. I am curious to see how combat between Ryback and Cena will transpire. After an impressive bout at HIAC our WHC match should be gripping. The traditional SS tag match should also entertain considering the talent involved. All in all, it may not be the greatest card possibly produced but I always enjoy a WWE PPV. After all, there are zero commercials.

As always people, thank you for reading. I hope you have a great weekend and enjoy Survivor Series.

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