WWE Superstars 12/08/11By Kenny LathamWelcome to the Superstars Review!  Let’s get right to it!Match 1: Justin Gabriel vs. Tyson KiddWell on paper this should be great.  Let’s see what we get.  The two of them start off with some impressive wrestling and flying moves, until Gabriel goes for a springboard move, but Kidd trips him off the top rope and starts on the heel offense.  Kidd screaming throughout the match, as he usually does.<!--more-->Gabriel fights back with some heel kicks and other various strikes.  He drives Kidd down with an STO and goes up for the 450, but Kidd gets to his feet.  Gabriel avoids Kidd and clotheslines him outside.  Kidd kicks Gabriel, then hits a running kick from the apron.  Springboard elbow drop by Kidd for two.  Gabriel counters a corner splash, goes to the second rope but Kidd kicks him, then hits a springboard frankensteiner, but Gabriel rolls it through for a two count.  So impressive, these two.  Gabriel hits an inverted protoplex, then goes up for the 450 again, this time connecting for the pinfall victory.Winner: Justin Gabriel (5 minutes)Rating: **3/4 – For a 5 minute match, this has to be one of the best matches you can see.  Amazing work.Match 2: Jack Swagger vs. Trent BarettaVicky Guerrero is at ringside with Jack.  Back and forth to start, showcasing Swagger’s power and Baretta’s speed.  Jack with a freestyle wrestling takedown for a two count.  Swagger goes on the heel offense, until Baretta starts to come back with his speed and dropkicks.  Baretta goes up top, dodges a trip attempt by Swagger, but runs right into the Gut Wrench Powerbomb, quickly followed up with the Ankle Lock and a quick tap out by Baretta.Winner: Jack Swagger (3 minutes)Rating: * - Basically a glorified squash.Match 3: Drew McIntyre vs. Mason RyanRyan starts off the match strong showcasing his power.  Nothing too impressive with this moveset.  Drew goes after Mason’s legs to start to take control of the match, finally taking Mason down with a clothesline.  Drew continues to work on Mason with the typical heel offense.  Usually when Ryan is taking the heel offense, it’s not believable, but Drew is actually taller than Mason and it’s believable.  Finally, Ryan clotheslines Drew down and he starts his comeback with a running corner knee and a running big boot.  He goes for a powerslam, but Drew escapes and drop kicks Mason’s knee.  Drew goes to the top rope, but Mason counters and locks in the Full Nelson Slam for the pinfall.Winner: Mason Ryan (5 minutes)Rating: * - Snorefest.  Mason’s getting better, though.They replay the contract signing, showcasing CM Punk and Miz’ awesome mic work.Main Event: Evan Bourne vs. EpicoThis is Bourne’s first match since his return from his suspension.  No Kofi at ringside.  Epico has Primo and Rosa with him.  The start of the match has the two using some nice arm drags and flying moves.  A faint ‘Let’s Go Evan’ chant… last week’s crowd was much more active for Superstars.  This week, not so much.  Epico starts to overpower Evan and locks in a Camel Clutch, or as Scott Stanford calls it, ‘look at this submission hold right here’.  Evan reverses it and locks in a Camel Clutch of his own, then flipping Epico over and getting a two count.  Bourne using an arm drag again to keep working on Epico’s arm.  Bourne tosses Epico on the apron, then dropkicks the leg and gets him out.  Bourne went to fly, but Epico moved.  Bourne went to the top and hit a standing splash on a confused Epico.  Primo and Rosa try to interfere as we go to commercial.Back from commercial, the high flying continues as Bourne hits a flying knee and gets a two count.  Finally, Epico crotched Evan on the top rope and takes control of the match.  He goes into the heel offense for a bit, including hitting a double underhook suplex.  He busts out the Gory Special onto Evan, but Evan breaks out of it with an arm drag and starts his comeback with a bunch of kicks, followed by a standing hurricanrana, then more kicks.  Epico dodges a kick, goes for a backstabber, but Bourne counters with a kick and a two count.  Epico sat on the top rope, then Bourne leaps from the mat and hits a frankensteiner for a two count!  Sick move.  Bourne goes for the Air Bourne, Primo interfered and Epico takes advantage connecting with the Backstabber for the pinfall.Winner: Epico (10 minutes)Rating: *** - Fantastic match.  Epico is very impressive, and Bourne looked like he didn’t miss a beat.  Great main event.That’s it for this week’s Superstars. There were two matches worth watching.  I hope you enjoyed this review.E-Mail Me!  nyrambler@gmail.comFollow Me on Twitter!  @NYRambler