Remember the booing at WrestleMania when Sheamus won the World Title over Daniel Bryan in just 18 seconds? I was there. I booed. I was miserable for the next half hour because of it. So were the people around me. It's not because we thought Bryan was going to win necessarily. We were mad because the match was so short. 

As I said at the time, I get why WWE booked it that way. They want to book Sheamus as a "knockout artist" with the devastating Brogue Kick, but I still wish they went about it another way. 

That's over and done with, though, so it's important to move forward. Bryan gets his rematch at Extreme Rules and we've learned that the stipulation will see Sheamus defending the World Title in a best two out of three falls match. 

The result of this match, which should get anywhere from 15 to 25 minutes, will likely lead to Sheamus retaining his newly won World Title while also putting an end to this feud. The match should be very good with the potential to be great. Bryan's one of the best in-ring performers in the company and he's been developing good chemistry with Sheamus over the past couple of months. If they're given the chance, I think they can deliver a quality World Title match that will be above average. 

There is another dynamic in play here too. Bryan is the heel in the match, but his "YES!" chants are ridiculously popular these days and in a big market like Chicago where the crowd is known for being very loud I think it's very likely that Bryan will be cheered a lot louder than Sheamus will be. How will they deal with that dynamic?


I'll be very interested to see how this match is booked at Extreme Rules. I'd assume that Sheamus retains, but how will they get there? I'm intrigued by it.