Welcome back to RAW Takes. I’m Christian Michael and joining me this week… well is no one. Andrew has left me to fly this plane by myself because he is off doing whatever the hell it is he does. I’m going to hit on three big topics coming out of this past Monday’s RAW and then let you guys get back on with your lives. Ready? Go!

It’s Still Ryback

If my partner was here this week this would be the part of the show that I ask him if he still thinks John Cena is going to take Ryback’s spot at Hell in a Cell. Of course he thinks so but I don’t. Ryback is challenging CM Punk for the WWE Championship in a few days whether WWE knows how to book the finish or not. Ryback hasn’t even had a feud yet and he’s main eventing a PPV inside Hell in a Cell for the WWE Championship. Talk about a big jump up the card. We all bitch and moan when we see the same guys in the main event spot and then we bitch and moan when someone new is put in there. I am a fan of Ryback. I love this simple ass-kicker, destroyer gimmick he has got going on. My problem is that it is way too much too soon. Instead of having Kofi Kingston win the Intercontinental Championship for the 1,825th time, Ryback should have been fed Miz and become the Intercontinental Champion. It did more to hurt Miz a few weeks ago when Ryback interrupted Miz TV and then squashed him on RAW the next week than it did to help Ryback. Miz is the type of jerk that people want to see get his ass kicked and this PPV would have been a good spot for Ryback to do that and become the Intercontinental Champion. It makes more sense in my mind to see how he does as a secondary champion before throwing him into the deep end of the pool.

Now, the problem became who is going to replace Cena if he couldn’t wrestle at the PPV? The other top babyfaces in WWE, Randy Orton and Sheamus couldn’t fill the void. Orton is off on Mondays to film his movie and Sheamus is already the World Heavyweight Champion. The only other guy that made sense in this spot would have been Mick Foley and I don’t know if WWE or Mick wanted to do a Hell in a Cell Match. So, I guess they had no other choice but to hot shot Ryback into this spot. It’s going to be sink or swim real early for him. It really is an indictment on WWE more than anything for not creating new stars in the past few years. Hopefully they see how they were caught with their pants down here and begin to not only create a new star in Ryback but others as well to carry the company into the future.

What the hell is a “managing supervisor”?

The biggest story coming out of RAW this week was AJ Lee stepping down from being the RAW General Manager. There are several layers to this story so let’s try to get to them all.

  1. I like AJ, a lot. She’s hot and she’s from New Jersey so she’s gold in my book. She was great in her role in the lover’s rectangle with Kane, Daniel Bryan and CM Punk. Now as the GM, she is just kind of there and she snaps when she hears the word crazy. I hope she continues to be a regular on WWE TV which as you’ll see in a moment she will be. She’ll be better in that role and even better if she wrestles because the fans will get behind her.
  2. She was asked to resign from being GM because she is being accused of having an affair with John Cena of all people. Where this is going, I have no idea but the start of this angle is pure lunacy. You can’t have an affair if you aren’t with someone. Did AJ get a new man we don’t know about? We all know Cena is divorced. It would seem ok in my book. I don’t like the use of the word because it doesn’t make sense here but I guess it is more PG to say they are having an affair than to say these two are banging each other. Then the person she was essentially replaced with, Vickie Guerrero was not only married to Edge but cheated on him with The Big Show while GM of SmackDown. So, how can you tell me it makes sense to remove AJ for a rumor but ok for Vickie to do what she did and she kept her job and was even put in a position of authority again? I know it’s wrestling and it is scripted but geez, how about some continuity?
  3. Vickie being names “managing supervisor” is fine with me because she is good in that role. I just don’t get the term “managing supervisor”. What is she supervising? You got rid of AJ so there is no more manager to supervise. She is the interim GM. That’s what they should have called her. These wacky titles they come up are just stupid and it makes even less sense when Vince McMahon on TV says he doesn’t even know what it means. I think they are just using her as a place holder until someone else steps in. Perhaps, this Monday in Charlotte, North Carolina. I think you know where I’m going with this. I’d love to see it.

The second W stands for wrestling

As much as people complain about how RAW doesn’t feature enough good wrestling, this one did and it should be used as the template for future shows. RAW is three hours now and instead of filling it with videos and short squashes they should give it three long matches like they did this week. All three matches were quality matches too. When you know that RAW is going to feature good wrestling it gives you something to look forward to and can also help distract you from some of the crappy angles (hi Kaitlyn and Eve) that WWE puts forth. W is for wrestling.

That’s all for this week. I know I kind of cheated on the last one but I’ll be writing a lot more about some of the stuff that happened on RAW this week when I join John and Andrew for the Hell in a Cell preview on Friday. You’ll be hearing from me again tomorrow as I review tonight’s Main Event show where Ryback will face Dolph Ziggler. Enjoy your evening.

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