John: It's the last WWE Pay-Per-View of the year as WWE TLC takes place this Sunday night in Houston, Texas. The main event is a WWE Title Unification match that WWE is billing as the biggest match in WWE history. Do we really feel that way? No. I get why WWE promotes it like that, but I'm not sold on it being the biggest match ever.

What disappoints me about this PPV is that they haven't added stipulations to any matches other than the main event. My assumption is they do that because they don't want anything else to steal the show. They want the main event to stand alone. In past years they had a Tables Match, a Chairs Match and a Ladder Match in addition to the TLC match, but this year it's just one gimmick match. I think the show would have benefitted from having another stipulation match this year. It's not a bad lineup, though. It could be better than the last four PPVs, which were all disappointments to me. There are seven announced matches, so let's get to it.

Joining me for the preview is TJRWrestling's Christian Michael. Andrew Johnson is out of town this week, so he couldn't join us.  

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Dolph Ziggler vs. Fandango (Kickoff Match)

Christian: Think back to a time not so long ago, when these two were two of the hottest commodities in WWE. WrestleMania weekend fans were going nuts for these two. Now they're just thrown in a Kickoff Match probably because Vince McMahon ran into them in the hallway during RAW last week and realized he was paying them to do nothing.  The only thing I can think of in making a prediction for this match is that the babyface usually wins to get the crowd ready for the PPV.

Prediction- Dolph Ziggler

John: There's no story to this one other than they're two midcard wrestlers without much of a direction. It's amazing to me that Ziggler might have had the moment of the year the night after WrestleMania when he won the World Title and now he's barely on the radar. The way he's been booked in the last six months has been brutal. Last year he even main evented this show against Cena. Fandango doesn't have much going for him other than the dancing. Both guys are good in the ring, so if they get ten minutes it should be solid opener. I'll go with the Ziggler win just because I think when there's no storyline it makes more sense to have the babyface win the first match.

Winner: Dolph Ziggler


Tag Team Championship: Cody Rhodes & Goldust vs. Big Show & Rey Mysterio vs. The Real Americans vs. Curtis Axel & Ryback (Rybaxel?)

Christian: This match was thrown together on SmackDown this past Friday. It's really about eight guys that have been hanging around each other so now they're all in a match together. It shows you how deep the Tag division is now that they have four legit teams in this match and they don't include either The Usos or The Primetime Players.

It's not the right time to take the titles off of The Rhodes Boys. Their win meant so much and was built so well that they should lose in a match that means something so the new champs get a rub. This match doesn't really mean anything. It's just PPV filler. It'll be entertaining, but still filler.

I just have one request. Can Cesaro PLEASE swing. The Big Show? Please Santa? I've been a good boy all year. Please!!

Prediction- Cody Rhodes and Goldust retain the Tag Team Championships

John: This was added on Smackdown. The Show & Mysterio team has only tagged up a couple of times, yet they get a tag title shot because they're former main eventers? I guess so. I'm trying to implement WWE logic here. The Real Americans would have likely received the shot if they had one team challenging, so they warrant a spot. The Axel/Ryback team is a result of neither guy really doing that great as a singles act. I'm fine with them teaming up. This could have been perfect for a tag team ladder match, but like I mentioned at the top WWE wants to keep the TLC main event special as the only gimmick match. They'll probably get 12-15 minutes and I think the champs will retain. The Real Americans won clean over Cody & Goldust on Smackdown, so that gives away the likely finish of the champs getting the win.

I think Goldust and Cody will likely lose the tag titles either at the Royal Rumble or Elimination Chamber, which will lead to a split for their team and a match at WrestleMania likely with Goldust in the heel role. I don't think they're ready to drop the titles yet, but if they do it will likely be The Real Americans that win it. I think they should save it until the Rumble in a regular tag match. For now, keep the titles on the Brotherhood.

Winners: Cody Rhodes & Goldust


Divas Championship: AJ Lee vs. Natalya

Christian: Ever heard the old expression "crap or get off the pot"? Well, you probably heard it said a bit differently but this is a PG(ish) website but yea, WWE crap or get off the pot with Natalya. Give her a run with the Divas Title or let her go become a crazy cat lady because right now it's painful to watch her in the ring. She looks so directionless to me. I don't know, I could be way off base but it just feels like she's only still with WWE because Total Divas is a hit. She's been doing the same thing for years now; losing to untalented former models.

Win or lose, AJ will be fine. The WWE fans gravitate to her. She is something so different than what the other divas are so she's a draw in that regard. I just think it's time to let Natalya be the champ.

Prediction- Natalya becomes new Divas Champion

John: It seems like AJ Lee has defeated every diva in WWE at some point in the last six months since she's won the Divas Title. This is the first time she's had a singles PPV match against Natalya, though. I can't even remember the last time Natalya even had a singles match for the Divas Title on PPV. I'm glad it's happening because I think there's a chance that this can be a very good match. There's a nice dynamic between them since AJ is a crafty heel champion that finds ways to get the win while Natalya is a submission expert who is also one of the most powerful divas that WWE has ever had. Both of them have submission finishers too, so I like that they will be able to have some sequences where they're going for their finishers. The crowd will likely be interested in it too.

As far as a winner goes, I think the champ will retain. The reason I think it is because Natalya has had the advantage on television routinely, so I have to consult the old reliable "win on TV, lose on PPV" theory. Natalya beat her in a tag match to earn the shot. She's also looked strong heading into the match. Of course WWE could go against the theory and put the title on Natalya, but I think they're going to keep it on AJ for at least another month. It wouldn't surprise me if she held it until WrestleMania. I don't know who she's going to drop it to. I just don't think it will be here even though Natalya's my favorite diva and I would love to see Natalya have that moment because it's been three years since she held it.

Winner: AJ Lee


Intercontinental Championship: Big E Langston vs. Damien Sandow

Christian: Big E MAD. Big E SMASH. This one isn't more complicated than that. I like that Sandow is in this match though. He was a Money in the Bank in inner than nearly became World Heavyweight Champion so he is a step up from most of the midcard guys. They need to make the Intercontinental Title important again if they're really going to one have World Title going for and having guys like Sandow and Ziggler chase it is a step in the right direction.

Prediction- Big E Langston retains the Intercontinental Championship

John: This is the most predictable match on the card. Langston will win. He won the title less than a month ago, so why would they have him lose it so soon? That makes no sense to me. He's a guy they want to build up into a top guy over the next year or two. He's following that traditional path that so many wrestlers have been on where they get the IC Title before winning more important titles. Also, the good news for the IC Title is that with the World Title Unification it will make the IC Title more valuable again. Sandow's a solid midcard heel that should have some kind of gold in his possession in the near future. He won't get it here. Oh and Big E, look out for that Mark Henry heel turn because turning heel is what he does.

Winner: Big E Langston


Daniel Bryan vs. The Wyatt Family (3-on-1 Handicap Match)

Christian: It would have been nice to have Punk still be involved in the feud with Bryan and the Wyatts instead of being splintered off into his own handicap match with The Shield. A 2 vs. 3 handicap match can at least be entertaining. I don't know how one three vs. one match is worth PPV time let alone two. They should have at least had Punk and Bryan run the gauntlet against their respective opponents. That could have been fun.

I think the thing in this match that people are intrigued by is will Bryan join the Wyatts? I sure hope not. D-Bry is super over as a babyface and should be pushed as the number two or three guy behind Cena. I don't know what joining the Wyatts does for Bryan. It'll sure push the Wyatts up but they're on their way there without The Goat Face in their crew.

D-Bry gives it a good fight but will fall to the numbers game in the end. If WWE had a newcomer to debut to save Bryan from being abducted by the Wyatts this would be a great time to bring him up. We'll see what happens with any post match shenanigans.

Prediction- The Wyatt Family

John: The 3 on 1 handicap match idea isn't one that I love. I realize that WWE's doing it because they have heels running the show that are going to do everything they can to make things unfair for the top babyfaces. That's just how it is. Hopefully they do something to change that storyline up (bring Vince McMahon back as the babyface owner?) because seeing two of them on one PPV lineup is a little too much for me.

My prediction for this match is a win for the heels. I think they'll go 12-15 minutes with Bryan putting up a fight. He'll likely get a couple of nearfalls or near submission, but ultimately lose due to the numbers game. I think they should do something where Bryan takes out Rowan, takes out Wyatt and then turns around right into that devastating Harper clothesline just when it looks like Bryan might win. I think that would work well. Plus, I'm writing this as I'm watching Smackdown and Bryan just avoided an attack on the Wyatt Family by taking them out using his speed. He had the advantage, so that would favor the Wyatts. I was picking them anyway.

Winners: The Wyatt Family


CM Punk vs. The Shield (3-on-1 Handicap Match)

Christian: I think this handicap match is a little easier to figure out. I think we all expect some sort of Shield dissension. They've been together for over a year now. Have they gone as far as they can go as a group? Maybe. Roman Reigns, in my humble opinion, is ready to break out and with WrestleMania season approaching this could be the right time to get Reigns ready for a spot at the top of the card.

Ambrose seems the best suited for a heel role going forward so it'll probably be something he does that allows Punk to sneak out with the win.

Prediction- CM Punk

John: This 3 on 1 match has my interest more than the other ones. It's nothing against the guys in the other match at all. The reason I'm excited is because Punk didn't really work against The Shield in the last year until the past few weeks, so there's a lot of freshness to it. It's certainly better than watching him wrestle Curtis Axel or Ryback month after month. I think they're going to get about 15 minutes, Punk will look like he's got no chance to win and JBL will talk about how dominant The Shield is. That's what announcers do to give away the upset finish.

I think CM Punk is going to win for two reasons. The first reason is because I think this match is taking place as a way to lead to the split of The Shield. We saw at Survivor Series that Roman Reigns became a breakout star by eliminating four guys and becoming the sole survivor in their match. Now is the right time to start setting up the split so that when they get to the Rumble, they can go after each other and maybe Reigns can be a big star in that match. If they want to slow burn it that works too. The other reason is I think WWE wants to put Punk back in the WWE Title picture. Whether that means Punk is going for the WWE Title at Royal Rumble or he's the guy that wins the Rumble match, I think Punk has been kept away from the WWE Title since February because they want him to get back in the title scene in early 2014.

For the finish, my idea is this. Punk can make his comeback. Ambrose is the legal man for the heels. Punk gets a nearfall on Ambrose, which Rollins breaks up. Punk applies the Anaconda Vice on Rollins to take him out of the match. Reigns gets in the ring, he goes for a Spear on Punk that Punk avoids and Reigns hits Ambrose with it. Punk dumps Reigns outside the ring, hits the GTS on Ambrose and gets the win. Post match, Ambrose is furious with Reigns. They have a shoving match. Rollins tells them to stop it. The seeds are planted for the split while also putting Punk over. I think that would work well. I'm very interested in seeing how they book this one.

Winner: CM Punk


WWE Unified Championship: World Heavyweight Champion John Cena vs. WWE Champion Randy Orton (Tables, Ladders & Chairs Match)

Christian: I may get egged next time I go out for saying this, but if WWE is going to do a World Title Unification match then these are the two guys that should be in it. If they want to push it as the most important match in history (it's not) then this is the right pairing. No two men have sustained the level Orton and Cena have in the last ten years and they should do battle to unify the World Titles. We may all love Punk, Bryan and others like them but this is the right call by WWE.

Who's going to win? It's hard to bet against Cena. They're probably going to want to have the end of the PPV be a celebration as a Unified Champion is crowned and the best way to do that is have their top star and babyface John Cena standing with both titles.

It's going to be interesting to see what role The Authority is going to play in this match. The ending on RAW got a lot of people talking especially the part where Cena helped up Stephanie McMahon and then stood with The Authority as the show closed. It could all be one big swerve to make us think they won't help Orton and then do but I just have a hard time betting against Cena in any spot especially one that WWE is making such a big deal out of.

We've seen Cena and Orton feud a lot in Main Event spots over the years and they've never delivered a classic. Each man has his share of classics, but they just never had that magic together. With the TLC setting and the unification of the titles this is the time to show everyone why they have been the two top guys in WWE for the last decade.

Prediction- John Cena becomes the Unified World Champion

John: I think the presentation of this match has been well done. I do have some questions, though. Will both championships hang from the rafters together like we saw on Raw and Smackdown? I assume that's the case. If that happens, though, the chance for each man to come down with one title is possible. The other question I have deals with what title are they going to use going forward? I assume it's the WWE Title because it debuted earlier this year and it has the WWE logo plastered right on it. I think it makes more sense to keep that one.

I'm going with Orton because I think it makes more sense for him to carry the title into the new year and possibly into WrestleMania. The one point they drove home on television is that they guaranteed that there would be one champion at TLC that they will be the "Champion of Champions." They've said it over and over. It's a heel like Triple H saying that he guarantees it meaning he'll do what he can to guarantee that Orton is the one that leaves. Smackdown this weekend ended with Orton saying they know exactly where they faith lies. There's some doubt in Orton's mind. Some people even think Cena could turn heel. I don't think so, but that thought is out there for some people.

If Cena wins it, then what? There really aren't heel challengers out there for him. Plus, Cena kicked Orton's ass two weeks ago on Raw. Then this past Monday on Raw, Orton was the one down on the mat after a Triple H Pedigree. That's typical WWE booking in building up a PPV. The other reason I like Orton in this match is because I think there's a chance for interference. Think about it. Cena rarely loses via pinfall or submission. In a TLC match, he doesn't have to get pinned or submitted. He lost the WWE Title to Sheamus in a Tables Match four years ago. Last year he lost in the main event of TLC in a Ladder Match against Ziggler. As I've written before, he wouldn't have lost clean to those guys. It happened in stipulation matches because they want to protect him at all times.

As far as the match goes, I think it has the potential to be really good. I think the best Cena/Orton match was their Ironman from four years ago. It wasn't a match of the year contender, but they know how to put together an exciting match. They'll likely get 20 minutes, I expect a few tables to be broken and for the finish to be very creative too. I just have a feeling that somebody's going to cost Cena from winning whether it's Triple H or Kane or somebody out of nowhere, I think Orton's going to win. If they do the deal where each guy comes down with one title then maybe that's the thing that leads to Vince McMahon coming back on Raw.

The appealing thing about this match to me is how they end it. I'm picking Orton, but I'm not that sure of it. It's not an easy match to predict. That's okay, though. I like unpredictability. It makes me more interested in the match. I think WWE has done a very good job of building this match up especially after the strong ending from Raw. Hopefully the match lives up to the hype.

Winner and New WWE Unified Champion: Randy Orton


Final Thoughts

Christian: This is a weird PPV. WWE is positioning the Main event as the most important match ever but the rest of the card just seems flat. Also, the Main Event was really helped by a stellar final segment on RAW but it just seems like something is missing. The TLC PPV doesn't seem like the place to unify the titles. It seems like it should be done at WrestleMania or even SummerSlam.

Ever since the inception of this PPV we've had four gimmick matches on the show. A tables match, ladder match, chairs match and a TLC match. This year they're only doing the TLC match. The missing gimmick matches and the two three on one handicap matches really kills the undercard on this show. They could and should have really beefed this card up to make the show something special since they want you to believe that the Main Event is. I think the show has a chance to be entertaining but not great. I'm interested in seeing how things play out so I'll be watching and Tweeting (@Christian_973) like always.

John: I think TLC will be an above average PPV because there are some enticing matchups that can be really good if they are booked well. I'm speaking about the two 3 on 1 handicap matches and the main event. The tag title match could be a show stealer if they are given the time (more than 15 minutes) for it, but I don't expect them to go that long. At least the main event has a special feel to it. It's better than having Big Show in it like they did at Survivor Series. No offense, big guy.

I don't expect TLC to be the best PPV of the year or anything like that. I just think it's going to be better than the last four PPVs that were all disappointing and forgettable shows. End the year on a high note, WWE.

My review of TLC will get posted on Monday because I will not see it live. Blame the NFL. Once the Royal Rumble gets here I'll go back to writing PPV reviews live.

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