It’s another week and another WWE Main Event Review. This week The Miz defends the Intercontinental Championship against Kofi Kingston.

This week JBL is replacing The Miz as Michael Cole’s co-host. The two are in the ring as per the norm on this show and they show Kofi Kingston nearly decapitating Miz from RAW. They send it to the Kofi hype video which includes his audition tape from Tough Enough. After the video, Josh Mathews is with Kofi in the back. Kofi says that Miz wanted him to add more memorable moments to his career and he bets that Miz remembers just who Kofi is when he looks at that lump he left on his forehead.

Cole and JBL were going to end the Kofi hype and transition into Miz but the Intercontinental Champion decided to make his presence known and he came down to the ring. Cole and JBL leave the ring and Miz goes on a rant about how if anyone else took that kick he took on RAW that they would be out for weeks. He then goes on about how awesome he is and throws it to his own hype video and his video includes the return of Angry Miz Girl. The video ends and Miz tells Kofi to come get his title if he wants it. Kofi’s music hits and we are ready for the first Championship Match in Main Event history.

Intercontinental Championship Match- Kofi Kingston pinned The Miz to become the NEW Champion (***1/2)

That sure was a lot of fun. If you’ve been reading Raw Takes (and you should) then you know how critical me and my partner, Mr. Johnson have been of Kofi but he sure brought his A Game tonight. When he is jumping and flying around the ring it sure is awesome (sorry Miz) to see. I loved the spot early in the match when they traded something like ten pin fall attempts. That’s always been one of my favorite spots in a match when one guy goes for a roll up and it’s countered into another and so on. Give credit to both of these guys for working their tails off for 22 minutes. The spot on the floor when Miz wanted to send Kofi into the ring steps only for Kofi to somersault over them and return with a flying clothesline off the stairs was sensational. Miz thought he had the match won after stacking Kofi up in the corner but the referee saw that he was using his feet for leverage. Miz was arguing with the referee and he got caught with Trouble in Paradise and Kofi became the Intercontinental Champion for the fourth time in his career.

Matt Striker enters the ring to get a reaction from the new Intercontinental Champion. He is elated to say the least and says this was one of the greatest challenges in his life. Kofi let the beast out and let’s everyone know you can be the guy that has fun and become a champion too.

Josh Mathews busts into Miz’s locker room and wants to know his thoughts on no longer being Champion. He says losing the title is like losing and organ and says he will regain his title in the rematch.

Dolph Ziggler beat Zack Ryder (*)

Remember last December when these two opened up the TLC PPV and Ryder beat Ziggler for the US Title and we that Long Island Iced Z’s career was going to take off? It didn’t and here he was doing a three minute job to the Showoff. Zack got some decent offense in during this three minute match but he made one mistake and Dolph hit the Zig Zag for the win.

After the match, Vickie Guerrero says that people need to be talking about her client, Dolph Ziggler because he could very well leave Hell in a Cell as the World Heavyweight Champion. Dolph takes the mike and says he deserves better than Ryder because he is the main event. Ziggler the issues an open challenge to anyone in the back for next week’s Main Event. Ziggler thinks no one is coming out when the challenger for the WWE Championship, Ryback comes out and stares down Ziggler.

The Diagnosis

I really like the format of this show. I hope they keep it this way going forward, especially the way it has been the last two weeks in which the throwaway match at the end of the show is used to set up next week’s Main Event. I liked that they deviated from their norm tonight by having Miz cut an in ring promo instead of being interviewed by Striker or Mathews in the back. I love JBL on commentary and hope he stays there. Miz was solid as Cole’s color guy but JBL is so much better. Speaking of Miz, like I said earlier, great match with Kofi. Kofi is stuck in that IC/US Title babyface. It’s fine but after 3-4 years you’d like to see something different from him. Winning the title back keeps him in the same spot. A loss and they could have expanded his character but I guess they aren’t interested in that. I’m intrigued by next week’s Main Event. We have yet to see what Ryback can do in a match that goes over five minutes. I expect his match with Ziggler to go the standard 20 minutes the main event matches are getting. It’ll be a good test as he’ll be just five days out from a PPV main event. Best WWE Main Event so far, the 10/17 show gets a 7.5/10.

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